Prophet Uebert Angel launches gospel television channel

August 15, 2011 , published in News   by William Matsvimbo

Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy Ministries has launched Zimbabwe’s second Christian
Television Network, to reach out to the thousands of Christian faithful throughout Africa and beyond.
The free-to-air Miracle TV is broadcasting on satellite 24 hours every day on frequency rate 26657/1/2.

It is now yet not clear what country Miracle TV is broadcasting from as Zimbabwe has not yet
opened its airwaves. The state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is still the sole
broadcaster in the country, as the government is dragging its feat on licensing new players
in the sector,  despite growing calls for media diversity in Zimbabwe.

Although officials from Spirit Embassy were not forthcoming in releasing details about 
Miracle TV, Prophet Uebert Angel recently posted on his Facebook page encouraging
his followers to watch the television channel. “We now own a satellite TV Channel called
Miracle TV. It's now live on your TVs. God is Faithful. Praise him with us for this new
miracle,” wrote the prophet. 

Miracle TV offers miracle services, healing sermons and testimonies. However, some

fans have complained on the Miracle TV Facebook fan page that there are too many
repeats on the channel.
Spirit Embassy which has over 5,000 followers mostly conducts its church services
from the Harare International Conference Centre. The Church was founded by Prophet
Angel in 2007. It has 20 branches worldwide including churches in South Africa,
the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. Miracle TV becomes
the second Zimbabwean Gospel TV channel after the 
South Africa-based Ezekiel TV (launched in 2008) which is owned 
by ZAOGA founder, Apostle Ezekiel Guti. 
Televangelism is increasingly becoming popular in the world. According to Wikipedia,
televangelism began as a peculiarly American phenomenon, resulting from a largely
deregulated media, where access to television networks and cable TV is open
to virtually anyone who can afford it, combined with a large Christian population that
is able to provide the necessary funding. In Africa, one of the most popular
televangelists is Prophet T.B Joshua who owns the Emmanuel TV channel where
he performs live miracles.

82 Responses to Prophet Uebert Angel launches gospel television channel

  1. Chris Mntu says:

    I would like to visit your Church before December 2011, I am i South Africa at Eastern Cape Province,what is the procedure.


    Chris Mntu

  2. Ntutu Makhaphela says:


  3. Ntutu Makhaphela says:

    WHAT TO DO TO COME .IM IN south africa jhb

  4. Major Son says:

    Spirit Embassy Sunday service: We are at the HICC/RAINBOW TOWERS HOTEL 1:30 HRS every Sunday. For more details call on this prayer line.

    +263 773 195 955

    Miracle tv visitors register with Miracle tv of the following email. [email protected]

    To Watch Miracle TV tune into the following frequencies
    Symbol Rate-26656

    or Frequency12562/Symbol26657/Polarization H

    You will need a free-to-air decorder. (not a pvr decorder)

  5. Major Son says:


  6. gloria basco bassey says:

    prophet, i will like to visit your church in south Africa. and i know God will use you and Bless me?

  7. gerald mthenga says:

    I believe you are a true prophet of God and I believe u will reveal my past and usher me to my future

    Thank you

  8. Veron says:

    prophet we need you to visit Botswana. i was inspired by your work in the miracle tv. Zim is not far please come to Bots to save us. your prophecy are amazing. even your wife is as well highly annointed. god bless u all

  9. chinwe says:

    Prophet, we watch daily miracles God uses you to perform. how can one speak with you or write you a mail. We need you to prophecy to us for great blessings and breakthrough.

  10. the root says:

    please come to Ethiopia, we love u!!!

  11. Grace B.Jackson says:

    I have watched with keen attention over the days,Prophet Angel on the Miracle TV from Nigeria,leaving my spiritual antanae very alert to discern the kind of Prophet he is,because the Bible tells me to test all spirits.I have come to the conclusions that Prophet Angel is indeed a Prophet of God!
    As a matter of fact,I am planning to travel to Zimbabwe to fellowship with him
    at a Sunday service,I thank God Almighty for the Prophet’s life,more unction on him and his dear wife whom God is using too,I will appreciate if my mail could be replied,God bless you all.

  12. Tebogo Mogolwane says:


    I am a South African and wish to visit your ministry. I am amazed by miracled happening in your ministry. I wish to visit your church with my family. Please advice how should I go on about this.

    Be blessed

  13. Caroline Mangwane says:

    Prophet Eubert, really u are sent by God. believe me i was dead spiritually but since i started watching your channel last week i am a changed person i notticed im much better than the dry bones. may the good Lord bless you and your beautiful beverly. Thank you

  14. I want to visit your chuch man of God on the 4th

    of December 2011.I am coming from South Africa.

  15. soyema says:

    I have truely been blessed by ur Tv services and the wonderful job that the Lord is doinb through you. God bless you!



  17. shallah sephekolo says:

    Hi prophet,i would like to bring my ten year old boy for healing prayers,i beleive You are a true man of God and he will use you to pray for my son.

  18. DEREJE GEZU says:

    prophat I have tached by your ministry.
    God is good all the time still he is live to do so by you! Prise to Lord Almighty.

    Man of God! I want to inter the spirit realm
    so please send your postal addrise and i will have send to the oil and after breathing you send me.
    Please send the number of

    from Ethiopia

  19. Makwena says:

    would like to come and see you prophet.would you please advise us of the dates you will be available and how to come.thank you and stay blessed…

  20. Amin Nguluma says:

    I would like to thank you the man of God for your service.Infact i have been blessed by yor service.During this month i head your teaching about a LIQUID METAL which have changed my life completely.For the time when i head this surmon i have no job,i lost my job on the june,2011. And at that time i was completely comfused.When i listen this teaching i put my faith in it and now i am a finance and administration manager in a company.This position is quitely different with my qualification.I am a holder of an Ordinary Diploma in Business administration and this position required a Graduate but now this position is belongs to me.Praise the Lord Jesus. I humbly request you man of God to come Tanzania because there are much to learn from you which are missing in our country.most of the time we head about the bad news for your country but when we see in the miracle TV we think different because we saw you much blessed.
    May God bless YOU ALL

  21. Hellen says:

    Prophet Angel you have blessed me and everytime you start singing in tongues my spirit is lifted i cry all the time and i want to visit your ministry this january between 14&16 2012 please pray for me.

    • Hellen says:

      i am coming to harare on the 25 jan and i want to attend thursday and friday services, i wanted to know if you can assist me to find accomodation i will be coming from Gaborone and also to know how to go about whether i should register for coming there i reaaly need to see the man of God and the woman of God

  22. im watch miracle tv everytime pls prophet pray for me my problem is my blood preasure its too high

  23. i stay in Botswana Gaborone pls man of God pray for me and vist Gaborone this comming year

  24. my bloodpreasure its at normal level position i belief in the spirit that i am heald

  25. Christopher Unuigbe says:

    With these enormous shaking here and there, Iam still not convinced if that is what Africans need or morality as replete in the scriptures.

  26. Pray form me to have financial breakthrough am bankruptcy going with more debts that ihave failled tyo pay back including electricity bills and water bills as werll as school fees ,i have been seeing you on miracle tv praying for people miraculously. also for me to stand strong in the Lord and in my calling from GOD .





  29. Martin Guni says:

    pliz give us the settings to watch it on dstv.

  30. Delson Valente says:

    como posso visitar a vossa igreja?

  31. Hildah Moakofi says:

    Man of God pliz pray for me to be a prayful person

  32. Bongiwe says:

    I stay in Johannesburg I want to visit the prophet though I’m a new member in the Spirit Embassy Randburg Braamfischer branch. I need to meet him but I can’t get this website you said we must use on facebook, what must I do?

  33. Patience says:

    Im in SA Prophet Sir, Im looking for your ministry sir please. Can you send me the contacts. I need your help

  34. Prophet Uebert Angel greeting in the name of lord Jesus Christ prophet, am one of the miracle TV viewers in Zambia chingola.
    i want to come to your church .

  35. pray for me, my family,husband, to have peace with all people.

  36. I want to be prophet of God pray for me

  37. John Ucheagha says:

    Please my father, i have been watching the move of the power of God through you on miracle tv. Please sir, can you be my spiritual father ? I’m a Nigerian residing in Niger Republic, how can i get in contact with you sir ?

  38. Thank u prophet Eubert.. I love u, thank u for a lovely spirit filled prophetic service on friday/saturday in johannesburg, Randburg, SA. May God always keep u and preserve u under His mighty hand.. Love u lots, can’t wait to see u in SA..stay blessed.

  39. Thuli Mavuso says:

    My father sent me away from his “house” and I am doing my secondary please help me

  40. KABWE C says:

    My prayer is that i meet you one day.You r a blessing to this generation

  41. UYAPO SEATLA says:

    Hie man of god im in Botswana,please man of god pray for me i am looking for a job,i dont have any money to come to your church bt i wish.

  42. Ngodza Gee says:

    Corection Ezekiel TV is based in SA

  43. mike says:

    Man of God help men to pray for my broken marriage and to fulfill the call of God I am based in USA.

  44. Nhlanhla says:

    Prophet reply soon i need u


    I would like to talk to prophet Uebert Angel. Please kindly send me his telephone and let me the convenient time to talk to him.

    Tusubira Elisha

  46. Hey I surely appreciate what God almighty is doing in your ministry; above all we thank the Lord, because he is doing fabulous works, let anointing of God upturn upon you

  47. Chalmer says:

    Dear prophet of god hw u and the blessed ministry pray for me i need a financial breakthrough am heavily in debts and dnt really knw the way foward unless god intervenes inmy situation also pray for me so that the joy of my salvation will be restored amen

  48. nomsa says:

    Oh how you bless me with you sermons and prophecies. I am an addict of your telecast. Man of God pray for me that God give me a financial breakthrough. I want to set up a christian newspaper which will channel most of its profits to the old aged, widows and orphans. I know that if you utter that prayer the heavens will open and grace released upon my life. Thank you man of God and thank you Christ for making my dream come to pass. Amen

  49. Patricia says:

    I need you man of God to prophecy on my life. I am from Malawi. (my name is Patricia). I have a problem in my marriage.

  50. Patricia says:

    Prophet Eubert and Prophettess Angel, Please pray for my marriage. he was a Pastor, but now he is not even attending church services, please man of God help me in prayers. I am desparate, I want to send a photo. so how can I send it. Give me address;
    thank you. “man of God prophesy on me, I am from Malawi. You are blessing me each and every day.

  51. Elvis says:

    Hi man of God.I love you with all my heart am from SA and always pray to Almighty God that i wanna be like you.I want to serve God with intergrity.

  52. Prophettes Sheila says:

    Greetings in the name of Yeshua,man of God we can see the signs & wonders that Yeshua is coming soon.I love people who trust and obey God,you respect God by listening to every instruction that he instructed you to do.I believed God to go to Israel and i went there by the grace of God,now i believe that i will definately come to your church soon!I am called by God as well and i’ve already started with what the Lord has shown me and instructed me to do.I’ve got a lot to say but up until we meet again according to the perfect will of God then i will tell you more.God has blessed you with such a powerful woman of God,your wife rocks in her office and i say thumbs up!Be Blessed and pray for me to grow more and more in the things of God.I am from South Africa.

  53. Hankey Pangani says:

    i realy want to come there and worship Jehovah Chikopokopo, the God who dont need a runway en experience His presence covered by His Epikaizo, i know my life will not be same.May JEHOVAH CONTINUE to bless you, your doing a great job. i hope in your next programm you will vist Malawi,

  54. Mummy Naidoo says:

    All the time i have been attending service with you Papa via TV,and i received so much, but finally i managed to come to Zimbabwe, me and my husband on the 17th of june 2012, and i have been telling him, you are going to receive your healing, as soon as we get to church, Papa do not have to even touch you,if i can receive my miracle through TV how much more when you are there, PRAISE BE TO GOD, JESUS located my husband through PaPa. and just there as i was seated in the service i received a word, and i beleaved God for it,THIS IS MY SERVENT WHOM I TRUST,
    He is healed!!! Servant of God whom the father uphold,the elect of the father in whom the fathers soul delight truly the father has put His Spirit in you.(Isaiah 42 vs 1) Tank you JESUS FOR THE KIND OF TRUE PROPHET.

  55. Portia says:

    Man of God I have attended the services at Spirit Word while you were there, I so hoped you will have a word for me, Please I need Prayers for my mother who was diagnosed with Elzeimer’s the Last Year, Her condition is worsening, She is only 58years old, she was the breadwinner at home when I grew up, she used to help raise her sister’s children who were orphans, a very strong woman of God, she taught my children how to pray, I want to understand what has happened to her and the doctors told us that we should prepare ourselves that her condition will never improve,she doesn’t know us, she doesn’t speak sense, speaks to herself all the time as if she is having conversations with people, and most of the time the people she is talking to are dead.
    But I know The God I serve is still able to work in miracles. Portia from Stilfontein


    Hiam Jabulani Mpunzi frame Zambia i would like to visit the prophet how can i move to come their i have a problem i want to be prayed for please

  57. Josephine Nkuru says:

    Hi, Prophet i have a tesmony to tell regarding my life since started watching miracle tv and always following you whereever you preach,that weekend when you were in RSA i hve a testmony – having painfull hand since March 2012 seeking solution frm Doc. not meet, but that days 21,22 july problems ended now no pains i can lift any objects praise THE LIVING GOD

  58. Kholofelo says:

    Hi man of God can you please prophesy upon my life .i need to knw which route to take in terms of my career

  59. Collins says:

    It is quite an awesome experience being part of you in the program Tagged. POWER OF GOD’S DEMONSTRATION on MIRACLE TV. and i wished to be a partaker in person but never the less i have the faith that the almighty God has visited me through your ministration.
    Prophet please i need prayers as my family and i are living in abject poverty.

  60. Ijegbai Samuel A says:

    Prophet, it is my widest dream to come from nigeria to zimbabwe to see you prophecy to mylife for mentoring. Man of GOD, say a word to my life. May God keep increasing in you.

  61. Sydwell Moroatshehla says:

    Man of God,i think God for his grace,am a young man used by the Lord,i preach the gospel,am in healing n i have the Gift of prophecy but i ask dat u may pray for may so that it may grow

  62. Sydwell Moroatshehla says:

    Man of God i want the Lord 2 increase my gift of prophecy,put me in ur Prayers Papa

  63. richard eecheta says:

    i follow your programmeson miracle tv.Keep doing what God has sent you to do criticms not withstanding. How can i speak with you.

  64. richard eecheta says:

    lusaka crusade (programme) will be successful.look forward to clips after the programme. God bless you sir

  65. Naledi Temeke says:

    Last time u came(Oct) 2 Botswana,u blessed me .
    i want this curse of marriage in my family to be broken.U are indeed a choosen man with authority from above,as well as the prophetes.

  66. pastor sunday says:

    i want a branch of ur church cos i want 2 b a part of minsters to b tutored under ur minstry.looking 4ward 2 hearing 4rm u.tnx

  67. pastor sunday says:

    i mean 2 say a branch in nigerian particularly d capital city abuja

  68. jesse akashambatwa says:

    all i need is the spirit that is on this great ministry..and above all God is still sayn something and am in need of my owen word that will take me to my high places of life..i know i will have a response thank you in advance

  69. GRACE MUIGAI says:

    i live in kenya and am blessed to be watching prophet E. Angel and his wife. God bless this ministry big

  70. Sandra Ismail says:

    Greetings In the Name Of Jesus Christ…

    I am a Swazi,From Swaziland and wish to visit your ministry in South Africa. My Family and I are truly blessed and amazed by the miracles happening in your ministry. We wish to visit your church. Please advice how we can go on about this.

    Be blessed

  71. lizzy sekgoro says:

    Hi man of God pray for me I need job to take of my family I have looking 4 a permanent job 4 18 yrs I’m apply I’m going 2 interves but no luck its like I’m curse pls man of God help me

  72. lizzy sekgoro says:

    Man of God pray again for my family we a having death curse we a buring every year to my mother side I don’t what going on to my family pls pray for those a still alive

  73. Frank Mukendi says:

    Hi Man of God, I believe in power of God and the way God is using you in his field. I just want the man of God to pray for my business and my study even if i’m not present ,God is able to do a miracle in my life. God bless you.

  74. Glenda says:

    I’m a 19 year old girl from South Africa,I need God to help me live a life of truthfulness,I want to live for him and for him only…Please pray with me Prophet of God,I really need this prayer,in Jesus’ name I plead,Amen.

  75. Makitlane says:

    Please pray for me prophet of God for cacellation of debts to an amount of R80 000. I am a faithful tither.

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