Christians in Bulawayo were urged to register as voters in the 2013 elections so as to chart their own destiny through the ballot.

Speaking at a pastors’ Conference in Bulawayo last Thursday, Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals Gorden Moyo said the church plays a pivotal role in the governance of the nation, hence the need to register as voters. “Let us get all our people to vote.” Moyo said.

“The republic wants people to participate in the elections and make sure you vote for people who fear the Lord,” he said by adding the church should pray for peaceful elections, a determining factor to the prosperity of the nation.

“We beg you to pray for peace wherever you pray for the forthcoming elections.”

The pastor’s conference was held at the Brethren in Christ Church. The event attracted pastors from various parts of Matabeleland. Issues to do with elections, human rights, corruption and the constitution were discussed.

The pastors resolved that the church had a major role to play in the forthcoming elections.

Also present was the Co-Minister of State for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration Sekai Holland who comdemned all acts of violence on the electorate. “Our code of conduct should discourage all forms of violence. Churches are the custodians of peace and the Bible has a place for peacemakers,” said the politician.

Since 2002, elections in Zimbabwe have been characterised by violence. Meanwhile key political figures are on the record as calling for no violence.