THERE is no denying the attention compelling-power of any prediction in things related to politics in the media.

Prophecies that border on national and international political events by today’s young clergymen have become topical.

Very rarely, in years gone by, would religious matters command a substantial following, let alone grab national newspaper headlines.

That was a preserve of hardcore politics events but the tide has shifted. Juicy prophecies pertaining to serving heads of states have been dished out like confetti at a wedding by contemporary prophets.

Many times the so called prophecies have bleakly failed to be on point. In essence, like I have stated on various occasions, one wonders exactly what is to be gained by the sanctified body of Christ in the prediction, or is it soothsaying, of earthly political events.

The true prophets, as enunciated by the Bible, had the ultimate responsibility of turning evil nations to God. They battled wickedness.

This disparity, on its own, casts a humongous shadow on today’s self-claimed prophets and apostles who dabble in politics clearly as a leverage tool.

Below are some of the much vaunted political prophecies that have failed dismally since the euphoria of political prophecies begun.

Zambia’s 2015 presidential elections In 2015, Nigerian prophet, Elijah Johnson, prophesied that Zambian politician, Hakinde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development would emerge victorious in the 2015 polls.

“I am seeing Zambia having a new president on the 20th of January 2015. I am seeing Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND winning the lections despite attempts of stealing votes from him…” John son made this prophecy exactly two weeks after another flaunted Malawian prophet, Austin Liabunya, also prophesiedthat Hichilema would win the poll.

It turned out to be a disconcertingly false prophecy. Edgar Lungu went on to beat his opponent Hichilema.

The godfather of African prophets Nigerian Temitope Balogun Joshua went on, conversely, at the time, to predict that Edgar Lungu would triumph in the elections but die within 8 months because of his illness.

All these prophecies, around the Zambian elections and leadership, have proved to be monumental fiascos. Mugabe’s alleged death on three occasions.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, for all his faults, can be described as a survivor of death ‘prophecies.’

The most recent prophecy on Mugabe’s death just got controversial Kariba clergyman Phillip Mugadza in hot water and his case is still before the courts.

Mugadza ‘prophesied; that Mugabe would die on 18 October 2017.For this daring prophecy Mugadza would find himself a guest in Harare’s remand prison for the better part of the year.

His prophecy is a month to go though. Before Mugadza, Malawian Prophet Austin Liabunya made two cheeky prophecies on Mugabe’s death, each time reassuring people that the incumbent Zimbabwean president would not exit the year 2015.

“This time Mugabe will die by the 31st of December 2015 as proclaimed by the oracle of God and I will be vindicated as God’s humble messenger,” he boasted.

Liaibunya stood by the sensitive prophecy only to be proven wrong when it did not turn out to be true.

Finally, in 2016 he resigned from the gloomy political leadership prophecies. Many little known prophets have predicted Mugabe’s death with laughable failure.

It turns out that God is not amused by mortals who try to read his mind.

American Presidential elections In recent memory, many will recall the much publicized prophecy by Nigerian clergyman TB Joshua when he unequivocally made the prediction that America’s next president would be a woman clearly hinting on a Hillary Clinton presidency.

It would go on to be regarded by Nigerian media as TB Joshua’s worst prophecy ever. The video, with four days to go to the crunch American election, went viral and was watched by millions.

TB Joshua had made a name for himself earlier on after an accurate death prediction of Malawian President Bingu WaMtharika in 2005.

Many had already accepted this ‘prophecy’ as word of truth when it turned out to be a startling failure.

The embarrassment weighed a ton despite the clergyman’s followers’ attempts to control the international damage.

Donald Trump, the incumbent American President was declared the final winner by the courts ahead of the predicted Hillary Clinton.

Social media roared with laughter at the failure.

Zimbabwe’s never coming economic prosperity If anyone needed evidence that what multitudes of people in Zimbabwe call prophets are, in essence, trialists and not prophets then this one is ample proof.

Highly regarded prophets in Zimbabwe, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya have incessantly and pathetically prophesied Zimbabwean economic prosperity since 2010.

There was talk of gold being picked from the ground and mineral deposits being discovered in large quantities in selected parts of the country. We have been told that there would be so much prosperity that people will shop up till midnight. Year in year out, Zimbabweans have been told that “this year is the year of revival and economic restoration.”

Clearly, the situation on the ground speaks of a crisis that has actually reached unprecedented levels. The prophets have even become quite on it. The followers are tired. The prosperity won’t come. It’s all lies. But again the question should be asked: how do worldly predictions edify the body of Christ. Its time people wise up.