The Ameva Bible College and Farm in the Chegutu area.

Bindura Christian Fellowship (BCF) was founded in order to provide hope and help for the people in the Bindura, a small town about 50 miles north of Harare. 

The Christian Counselling Centre is a non-profit registered trust in Harare that offers counselling to anyone who would like to talk confidentially to a counsellor concerning any problem. Our volunteer, multi-denominational team of counsellors is trained to an Advanced level in Christian Counselling.  In addition to providing counselling and counsellor training, the Centre offers seminars and workshops for various areas of need. (Marriage, Parenting, Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, etc.)

Foundations for Farming (formerly Farming God’s Way) supports a bible-based minimum-tillage approach to sustainable agriculture; they also partner with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and the LoveZim Prayer Day.

Habakkuk Trust is a Christian organisation founded in 2000 in the Bulawayo area by a group of church leaders and  citizens to work through information dissemination and development projects. For example, with Christian Aid, they have been rehabilitating boreholes and establishing a community-run garden.

Jesus Life International has successfully pioneered a Christian Book & Media Center in Bulawayo. A large number of faith-based books, tapes and videos have been sold or given away exposing  the nation to the truths of the abundant life in Christ.

Least of These Ministries, working in northwest Zimbabwe on healthcare and community projects.

The Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe is a registered Islamic Welfare Organization founded in 1975.  It conducts numerous educational, religious, social, humanitarian and other activities and services. Education and propagation (Ta’leem and Tableegh) remain the mainstay of the organisation.

Compassion Compels International Inc. is a non-profit Christian organization with an evangelistic, educational, charitable and scientific focus that operates in Southern Africa, particularly Zimbabwe. The organization was founded to deal with the effects of poverty and diseases by  sponsoring  home improvement-based projects such as providing clean water and sanitation.

Compassion Ministries is a relief and development organization of Celebrate International. Founded as a relief intervention program for Mozambiquan refugees in 1983, it is now active in sustainable development programs aimed at empowering marginalized sectors of society – ranging from agricultural development, small to medium enterprise development and micro financing, emergency relief, AIDS/HIV work, an AIDS orphan foster-care program, and more.

Silveira House is a development education centre run by the Society of Jesus 20 kilometres east of Harare. In the last 46 years they have developed a variety of programmes with people in the cities and in the country in civics education, agricultural co-ops, industrial relations, youth skills and appropriate technology.

Saffron Waldon Project endeavors to empower people to make a livelihood from income-generating projects such as planting crops, raising chickens and rabbits.
Education is also provided. Pastor Nico Ferreira, Church of the Nazarene (Avondale) oversees a project 20 kms outside of Harare.

Trumpet Call Agriculture (Facebook page) is an ecumenical initiative to feed the nation of Zimbabwe through Christ-centered faith, love and practical action. The initiative’s co-leaders are Pastor Scott Marques of the Newfrontiers churches and Rev. Lindani Dube, Secretary General of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe.