The Bible Society of Zimbabwe published its first ever publication in Shona, Bhaibheri, a Mongenster translation, in 1949.

2009 saw the launch of the new Shona Common Language  edition, Bhaibheri Idzva Rechishona.

Shona New Testament (pdf): The full text of the New Testament in Shona, in a printable format, albeit not polished as for the formatting.

The JESUS film in Shona, a popular docudrama movie on the life of Jesus Christ, based on the Gospel according to Luke, in an original setting.

Faith comes by hearing:  The Shona Audio Drama New Testament (itunes/podcast) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible with approximately 180 different characters and a digitally recorded sound track with full sound effects. offers a range of Shona language Audio Bible stories, songs, music and scripts, also available for download. Many recordings come as presentations, illustrated with colorful pictures and with text transcripts provided, which makes them a suitable choice for educational purposes including children.


Prayer books and hymns

Methodist Hymns in Shona

Methodist songs in Shona

Many songs can be found on YouTube, for example 30 Roman Catholic songs in Shona.


Other online religious material in Shona

FAITH ROOTS CHIKORO CHEBHAIBHERI. KUTANGA KWEVANHU na Willie George — Children’s materials from Living Word Missions

KUVHANGERA KWEKUVAMBA BASA Pioneer Evangelism: Growing churches and planting new ones that are
self-supporting using New Testament methods by Thomas Wade Akins.

The New Life Mission

Let There be Light Ministries