Degree granting colleges with a religious affiliation or character:

Other institutes and training centers:



Degree granting colleges with a religious affiliation or character:

Arrupe College — Jesuit School of Philosophy and the Humanities (Catholic)

16 Link Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare tel. 745411/120/122, 744204, [email protected]

Arrupe College is a Jesuit higher education institution located in Mount Pleasant, Harare. It was founded in 1994 and is named in honor of Pedro Arrupe.  Most of the 100 students are Jesuit seminarians from various countries in Africa. The College’s four-year BA program integrates a major in philosophy with the equivalent of a year each of other humanities (similar to juniorate in the Jesuit system) and a year of theology helpful for regency teaching. Most courses have African components. [email protected]

Chishawasha Seminary (Catholic)

tel. 499568/499480-1 [email protected], [email protected]

Chishawasha Seminary, in the suburbs east of Harare, provides the theological education and formation for all Catholic diocesan seminarians. Founded in 1936, its first two fruits, the late Fathers Simon Tsuro and Isidore Chikore, were ordained to the priesthood in 1947. its degrees are now granted through the Catholic University in Zimbabwe. [email protected]

Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary

Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary (CMTCS), also known as Bible Training Center for Evangelism, is a non denominational evangelical training college established in 2006 for the purpose of training men and women for the ministries of the Gospel in the most isolated and unreached communities of the world.

Founded by the Rev Dr Ernest Musekiwa, the school started with 7 students in a one-room house but has grown now to several hundreds. Contact: Dr Ernest Musekiwa (Facebook profile) [email protected]

Domboshawa Theological College (Interdenominational Evangelical)

Domboshawa Theological College (DTC) in Harare was established in 1991 through the vision of Pastors Phineas Dube and Alan Spence. Its purpose was to meet the demand for a uniquely Zimbabwean style theological education at university level, which would provide practical ministry training. Domboshawa is an indigenous non-denominational Christian college created by Zimbabweans for leaders of the church in Zimbabwe.

Rev. Dr. Roy Musasiwa, principal of Domboshawa Theological College, before the presentation of

DTC offers degrees in Religious Studies/Theology and in Theology and Ministry. Currently the college is working to introduce a Masters programme by 2015. DTC retains a library of theology-, Bible-related and general religious literature (over 6000 volumes).

Harare Theological College (Interdenominational Evangelical)

The Harare Theological College (HTC) offers both diplomas and degrees in theological studies, Christian ministry and leadership in a three-year program, and graduation requires not only successful completion of the coursework but an assessment of the would-be graduate’s Christian character. HTC has a distinct fieldwork component, sending its students into the communities around Harare to develop ministry skills in a supervised environment.  HTC also offers a longer-term evening program with a graduation timeline of approximately four years.

Holy Trinity College (Catholic)

Holy Trinity College in Harare is a joint venture of the Redemptorists, Franciscans, Spiritans, and Carmelites. Currently, they have about 35 students from six African countries.

Living Waters Theological Seminary (Pentecostal)

Living Waters Theological Seminary in Harare is a theological institution of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe. Over the years the Seminary has earned itself international recognition attracting students from various denominations and countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Zaire, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana. It offers such academic degrees as Certificate in Ministry (1 year) – part-time, Diploma in Theology (3 years) – fulltime, Diploma in Religious Studies (T.B.I) – fulltime,  Bachelor of Theology, Masters of Theology, among others.

Murray Theological College (Reformed)

Founded in 1925, the Murray Theological College in Masvingo is the training college for the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe. It has about 30 students and 8000 volumes in its library. It offers the 4-year Diploma for Ministry and the 2-year Certificate for Evangelists.

Theological College of Zimbabwe (Interdenominational Evangelical)

The Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) is an Evangelical institution that maintains interdenominational status with a faculty and student body from Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. Established in 1979, in 2002 TCZ moved to a new campus just outside Bulawayo, where it offers Honors, Bachelors, and Certificate programs with courses in computer literacy, English, HIV/AIDS education and time management as well as Christian coursework. The college also offers a certificate program designed specifically for women church leaders.

United Theological College (Interdenominational Protestant)

tel. 573629/571323 [email protected]

United Theological College is the largest interdenominational theological training school in Zimbabwe run by seven participating churches namely:  Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe, United Congregational Church in Southern Africa, Uniting Presbyterian Church and African Methodist Episcopal Church.  United Theological College was founded in 1954 as an institution of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.  It became an ecumenical Protestant Seminary in 1955 when the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe,  The United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe, the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa and the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa resolved to co-operate in sponsoring the college for the training of pastors and other church workers. In 1976 the name was changed to United Theological College. [email protected]


Other institutes and training centers:

Ameva Bible College

Ameva Bible College and Farm is near Chegutu.

   Alpha and Omega Bible School

Alpha and Omega Bible School is Agape Missions educational wing. About 150 students have been trained in the year 2004 and received the certificates accredited by BTCP/L (Bible Training Center for Pastors/Leaders).

Alpha and Omega Bible School graduation

Baptist Theological Seminary of Zimbabwe

tel. 054-223778/9 

At the Baptist Theological Seminary in Gweru, there is a program for Baptist Theologial Seminary Distance Christian Education. 

Champions Bible College

Champions Bible College is run by River Life International in Bulawayo. It offers a two-year program in Bible Studies.

Ekuphileni Bible Institute (Brethren in Christ)

Ekuphileni Bible Institute (EBI), in the southern town of Mtshabezi, has five educators and 20 students. Founded as the Wanezi Bible School in 1948 (a descendant of the Matopo Teacher Training Institute), the insitute is supported by the Brethren in Christ Church. The focus of the coursework, which varies in graduation time line on a case-by-case basis, is to prepare young Zimbabweans to lead community churches through pastoral ministry.

Evangel Bible College

Evangel Bible College in Chitungwiza is run by the Assemblies of God.

Justo Mwale Theological University College (Presbyterian)

Justo Mwale Theological University College is the small ministry training center of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian.

Rusitu Bible College (United Baptist Church)

Rusitu Bible College (RBC) in Chimanimani was founded by the Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) in 1953 and is affiliated with the United Baptist Church of Zimbabwe. The college accepts men and women from all over southern Africa to study for three 12-week-long terms per year.

Salem Evangelical Bible Institute

The Salem Evangelical Bible Institute, located in Harare, teaches the ministry students a practical skill, to help them support themselves. The school grows much of its own food, and has its own well on the grounds.

St. Augustine Seminary (Catholic)

tel. 09-200282/5 [email protected]

Seminarians from all dioceses of Zimbabwe study philosophy at St. Augustine Seminary in Bulawayo before going on to theological studies at Chishiwasha.

Wadzanai Training Centre (Catholic)

tel. 870244/883435 [email protected]

Wadzanai is a training centre for theology based in Harare. At the end of an intensive two-year program, students are awarded the University of Zimbabwe diploma in Religious Studies as well as the Wadzanai diploma in Faith Development which runs concurrently with the university diploma.

Wesley Bible College (Methodist)

Founded as the Lundi Bible School, Wesley Bible College in Masvingo employs modular system, where students attend a month of intensive lessons and then go into the field for the next three months to use what they have learned.

Zimbabwe Theological Seminary (Baptist)

Baptist in heritage but ecumenical in practice, Zimbabwe Theological Seminary in Gweru is a community of learners committed to spiritual formation and excellence in scholarship. Supported by the international  Alliance of Baptists, ZTS began operation in 2012 and plans to open its first two Bachelor degree programs in 2013. 

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