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RelZim.org articles about Botswana

According to 2001 census data (available on the CIA World Factbook), Botswana population is Christian – 71.6%, Badimo – 6%, other (Islam, Hinduism, Baha’i Faith) – 1.4%, unspecified – 0.4%, none – 20.6% 

International Religious Freedom Report for 2011 for Botswana (pdf)

Zimbabwe-based Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife visited Botswana with a faith program in 2012. The Angels’ Pentecostal church, Spirit Embassy, has a branch in Botswana.

Estimates particularly vary about how much of the population is syncretic (mixing Christian beliefs with indigenous beliefs). There are few Botswanans who have not encountered Christianity in some form, but many Christians also associate themselves with traditional practices on occasion.  Some Christians have multiple membership.

Although the CIA Factbook states that 6% of Botswanas are practitioners of Badimo, in reality a great majority of Botswana follow at least some of the traditions deemed Badimo even if they are strong followers of another religion as well.

The major Christian communities and movements in Botswana are:


  • Anglican Church
  • Baptist Churches
  • Evangelical Churches
  • Lutheran Church
  • Methodist Churches
  • United Congregational Church of Southern Africa
  • Pentecostal and African Initiated Churches
  • Reformed Churches
  • Roman Catholic Church

Organizations that gather the major Protestant Churches are:

Hindu Balaji Temple in Gaborone (Photo courtesy of Botswana Hindu Charities Trust)

– the Botswana Council of Churches (BCC) . Articles about the Botswana Council of Churches.

– the Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFB) was founded in 1973 by nine Pentecostal and Evangelical churches. Originally led by Rev. Makhaola, then General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Botswana, it has grown over the years and now has over 35 members. The EFB is a member of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, the World Evangelical Fellowship and the Botswana Council of NGOs. Articles about the Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference covers Botswana, the Republic of South Africa, and Swaziland. Articles about the SACBC.