The US Department of State annually compiles an International Religious Freedom Report for Zimbabwe, which reviews the legal status of religious freedom as well as reported abuses and possible problems.

Most recent reports are available for   July-Dec 2010  2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

Christian organizations that advocate for peace and justice in Zimbabwe include:

The Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) is an organization  founded with Biblical principles whose mission is to bring about social transformation in Zimbabwe.   The organization has secretariats in Harare and Bulawayo. articles about ZCA.

Council of Zimbabwean Christian Leaders (CZCL) is an Evangelical group of pastors mainly  from the Zimbabwean diaspora.

The Justice Peace and Advocacy (JPA) is a programme in the Zimbabwe Council of Churches. This programme was established in March 1994 and it is housed under the Church in Society Department. Since its inception in 1994 the programme is dedicated to training the general populace in civic issues  as well as providing legal assistance to the marginalized.

The African Forum for Catholic Social Teachings (AFCAST)  is a diverse group of Catholics involved in the field of the Catholic Church’s social teachings. Their website includes relevant Catholic encyclicals and pastoral letters from the Rhodesian and Zimbabwean bishops from the 1960s on.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJP) and the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office are offices of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference. articles about CCJP.

The Ecumenical Zimbabwe Network is a Europe-wide Brussels-based network of faith-based organisations that work in Zimbabwe. It has established strong links with the church mother bodies in Zimbabwe including the Catholics Bishops Conference, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the  Zimbabwe Council of Churches and the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance.  Recent activities: Communique from EZN’s 5th Meeting in Geneva, Oct 2010 (pdf). Methodist Bishop Emeritus Levee Kadenge is involved in the work of this organization.

The Habakkuk Trust is a Christian organisation founded in 2000 in the Bulawayo area by a group of church leaders and concerned citizens with the mission of seeing the biblical transformation of communities through information dissemination, as well as development projects.

Christian Legal Society – Zimbabwe (CLS) is a national grassroots network of lawyers and law students, aiming to integrate national laws and public policies to Christian Moral values, principles and convictions.

Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (ZSCM) helps students and youths grow in the Christian life and to be proactive in society for positive change, through prayer study of the Bible and active membership of the Church.

National Movement of Catholic Students in Zimbabwe (NMCS) promotes various activities of Catholic students in all colleges and co-ordinates the students’ activities in the struggle for social justice.

Grace to Heal is an ecumenical ministry of the Church founded and run from the Baptist church. The organisation was established in 2003 with the aim of fostering a faith based process of peace, reconciliation, justice and conflict transformation in the whole of Zimbabwe.

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