A comprehensive list of primary and secondary schools in Zimbabwe can be found on Wikipedia, but most do not have links.

The Catholic Education Commission of the  ZCBC serves over 100 Catholic primary and secondary schools, teacher training colleges and all those persons and institutions engaged in the work of Catholic education in Zimbabwe. For each diocese, its website gives the contact information for all schools of all levels.

Schools on the Internet

Here is a list of schools of religious character that have their own website or have information on the internet. Please send additions or corrections.

St. Bernard’s High School (Catholic) in Pumula, Bulawayo was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Bulawayo Girls College (inter-denominational with a Christian basis) was established in 1983 in Bulawayo. Boarders are expected to attend Chapel Services.

Chegutu primary school (Catholic)  run by sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, an Italian religious congregation (blog in Italian).

At the Chapel of St. George’s College in Harare.

Chisipite Senior School (Christian) in Harare.

Christian Brothers’ College (Catholic) in Bulawayo. Photos

Cyrene Mission, a boys-only high school near Westacre, outside Bulawayo. Established in the 1940s by Canon Paterson, an Anglican priest born in Scotland but raised in Johannesburg . There for the first time Africans in Zimbabwe were given training in painting. Facebook page

Daarul Ilm (Islamic Educational Center) in Waterfalls, Harare. Presently the following centres/projects are operational, in this twenty-acre complex, under the Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe, with a total combined enrolment of almost 360 students: Boys Training Centre, Academy for Secondary Level Studies, Girls Training Centre, Children’s Home.

St Dominic’s High School (Catholic) is a girls school in Chishawasha, with strong academic results.

Dominican Convent High School (Catholic) is the oldest school in Harare. Alumnae include Nobel-prize winner Doris Lessing and Olympian Kirsty Coventry. Wikipedia entry

Dominican Convent High School in Bulawayo (Catholic). Photos

Gateway High School (Christian) is a  co-educational school in Mount Pleasant, Harare. Christian Training College and Gateway Primary share the premises with the school.

St. George’s College (Catholic) is a Jesuit boys’ school in Harare. The College has an enrolment of 700 pupils including a Boarding Department of over a hundred pupils. Founded in 1896 in Bulawayo, St George’s moved to Harare (Salisbury) in 1927. Over the years 38 of its alumni have been awarded Rhodes Scholarships.

Gokomore High School (Catholic) is a boarding school and training centre in Masvingo.

St. Ignatius College (Catholic) is a Jesuit school in Chishawasha, near Harare, with excellent academic results.The school is all male for forms one to four and is coeducational for A-Level students.

St. James’ Mission and School (Anglican) is in Nymandhlovu, 50 miles outside Bulawayo. The secondary school is boarding with around 500 girls.  The primary school serves 200 local boys and girls. St. James Mission was founded in 1958 and belongs to the Anglican Church of The Province of Central Africa under the Diocese of Matabeleland. Click to see the Friends of St. James website.

St. John’s High School (Catholic) is run by the Dominican Sisters in Emerald Hill, Harare.

Kutama College (Catholic), officially St Francis Xavier College, is an all-boys high school near the town of Norton, 80 kilometres sw of Harare. Wikipedia entry.

Kwenda Mission High School (Methodist) is a boarding school opened in 1892 in the Hwenda area, 150 km south of Harare.

Lomagundi College (Christian) describes itself as the only rural, independent, co-educational boarding school for both junior and senior pupils in Zimbabwe. It is located 110 km nw of Harare.

Makumbi Visitation High (Catholic) is a Jesuit-run co-educational school belonging to the Archdiocese of Harare. Founded in the early 1960s by Dominican nuns, the school currently has around 800 students. The school is situated about 50km north of Harare.

Marist Brothers Secondary School (Catholic) is a secondary school situated in Dete.

Martindale Catholic School (Catholic) in Selous is run by Sisters of LCBL (Little Children of the Blessed Lady).

Midlands Christian College (Evangelical Christian) in Gweru has a bible-based curriculum including creationism.

Missionary Fr. Kosmas Gregoriatis (Greek Orthodox) is a technical school.

Monte Cassino Girls High School (Catholic) is a boarding school south of Macheke, supported by the Precious Blood Sisters and the Benedictines.

Mt St Mary’s Mission School (Catholic) is a secondary and primary school in Wedza is run by the Archdiocese of Harare.

Nyanga High School (Catholic) is run by the Marist Brothers, with excellent academic results.

Peterhouse (Anglican) is a group of three Anglican Church boarding schools in Marondera with about 1000 students together: Peterhouse (for boys);  Peterhouse Girls; Springvale House (Primary or junior school for boys and girls).

Sandringham High School (Methodist) is located 65km from Harare. It is a mixed school with a strong arts program.

Serima Mission near Masvingo was founded by Father Groeber in 1948, a Swiss priest. The locals were taught the skills of woodcarving without being shown examples of European carving.  Morton, Elizabeth A. Missions and Modern Art in Southern Africa. PhD dissertation, Emory University, 2003. Ann Arbor: UMI Dissertation.

Vumangwe Primary (Salvation Army) is in Insiza District in Matabeleland South. It has more than 300 pupils and 9 teachers.

Waddilove High School (Methodist) is a secondary school and teacher training college in Harare.