articles about religion and education in Zimbabwe.

Religious groups in Zimbabwe provide educational opportunities at all levels:


Theological Colleges and Centres

Other Tertiary Training Centres

Secondary and Primary Schools

Special Educational Programs

The Fellowship Of Christian Unions In Zimbabwe (FOCUS) is a non-denominational and non-political association that consists of the autonomous affiliated Christian Unions of the universities and colleges of Zimbabwe. FOCUS is affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) a worldwide movement of national student fellowships in over 155 countries.

Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (ZSCM) 

Islamic Training Centres 

Silveira House is a development education centre run by the Society of Jesus 20 kilometres east of Harare. In the last 46 years they have developed a variety of programmes with people in the cities and in the country in civics education, agricultural co-ops, industrial relations, youth skills and appropriate technology.