ANGLICAN Diocese of Harare leader, Bishop Chad Gandiya has said his Diocese has secured funds to construct a hotel with conference facilities in Greendale, Harare.

Bishop Gandiya said the complex will include villas, conference rooms and guest houses, among other facilities.

The project pursued to generate income, is expected to commence in the next three months.

Bishop Gandiya said it will run concurrently with several other projects that the church has embarked on.

“Trinity grants in America have been training African Church leaders in sustainability that is the African Church as a whole. So for the past two years I attended training programmes together with another church member.

“They trained us in issues to do with sustainability that is how we contemplated this idea. We had to come up with this project cognisant of the fact that it will help us to be financially stable in future.

“And so because we had a piece of land in Greendale, Harare we decided to convert it into a hotel and a conference centre.

Bishop Gandiya said coupled with the hotel and other projects that they are running, the Anglican Diocese of Harare will be financially stable in the near future.

“Construction will start anytime this year as I have indicated that we have the money already to start the project. It might not be enough to finish but hopefully if we start God will help us to finish,” he said.

“The hotel will be for everyone who might want to use it. The facility will also help us to accommodate our guests.”

Meanwhile construction of a clinic at St Clare Mangwende in Murehwa and a University in Marondera being spearheaded by the Anglican Diocese of Harare has since commenced.

In addition the church’s Mothers Union is also funding the construction of a wedding venue in Ruwa as well as a primary school in Caledonia.