VARIOUS church leaders in Masvingo held an inter-denominational meeting at Mamutse Stadium on Sunday, where they called on political leaders to campaign peacefully ahead of next month’s general elections.

Eleck Mabhena of the Zion Apostolic Church denounced bloodshed and violent campaigns.

“Let the one with the most votes lead the people as he is the one who will have been chosen by God,” he said.

Edmore Chiraramira of the United African Apostolic Church in Zimbabwe said people should be allowed to express their views on political matters without fear of

“As we pray for elections, God will not abandon us,” he said.

Shadreck Francis Gomo of Free Methodist Church said there was need for Zimbabweans to be united in order to get God’s blessings as a nation.

Ephraim Chongo Makiyi of Vapupuri Veshoko dismissed claims that people who had come for the prayer meeting were ruling party supporters although he himself chanted Zanu PF slogans.

“People are busy saying those who came here came to campaign for Zanu PF, which is not the case. Other leaders failed to come because they were saying they belong to the opposition parties. But we came here to pray for any leader and not Zanu PF specifically, voting needs peace,” he said.

“Then when Zanu PF wins, people will say we were rigged, but when we called them over for prayers they did not come. So we are here to pray for our beloved country to hold its elections in a peacefully manner and he who wins let him lead the people without people criticising the