GOODNESS and Mercy Ministries leader, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy says he is after winning souls in his visits to various parts of the country. Prophet Freddy said this in a wide-ranging interview with H-Metro at the conclusion of his “Spiritual Spectacles night”, which attracted people from Chipinge,

Chimanimani, Mutasa and Honde Valley at Sakubva Beit Hall, Mutare last Friday.

“My mission in giving spiritual spectacles to people is to make them believe that God is prepared daily to speak to his people and allow them to see things using spiritual eyes,” said Prophet Freddy.

“Many people approach our loving God with fear such that they end up leaving it to pastors and prophets to speak to God on their behalf when God’s will is to fellowship with us.

“God is good and has mercy with everyone, Mwari haana hutsinye nevanhu anoda kutaura navo sezvaaisiita mubindu reEden naAdam na Eva.

“It is sin that separated people from seeing things using spiritual eyes, eyes full of the love of God and not of hatred. Jesus Christ died on the cross to take people back to the beginning where God spoke to his people directly.

“The power of the Holy Spirit is groaning daily to fill all of us but people decide to leave the goodness of God to church goers when he loves us all.

“Spiritual spectacles is about grace and I give according to grace given to me by God and he entrusts such gifts with those he chose since anointing needs a lot of discipline.

“My visits to various parts of the country is to win souls to Christ and I am training leaders daily to dispatch them to various parts of the country to preach the gospel, good news.”

He insists that ‘spiritual spectacles’ are real.

“By giving people spiritual spectacles, I am demonstrating the power of God so that they see for themselves any good or bad things awaiting them so that they plan accordingly.

“I am aware that taking the gospel to people needs money and that is the reason why Judas Iscariot was among the disciples.

“God raises his people to support the ministry and not money only but faithful people who can see what the visionary is seeing and this is where some people fail to understand when it comes to issues of money.

“We get what God gives us and if you read carefully Jesus instruction to his disciples he sent to preach, he told them not to carry extra clothes or money assuring them that he would raise people to stand with his disciples.

“I want to thank those supporting the ministry and I promise to return to places where I gave people spiritual spectacles because my mission is to win them to Christ. Prophet Freddy admitted that there are false prophets and pastors in Zimbabwe. He however, urged people to avoid rejecting genuine prophets by failing to separate them from false ones.

“Since we have natural and artificial flowers on earth, we have genuine and bogus prophets and pastors who are after people’s flesh.

“Genuine prophets and pastors can be rated by their integrity and motive in doing what they do and I want to believe that people’s eyes are being opened daily to see the difference between darkness and light.

“When judging do not be quick to call someone a false prophet when you do not have spiritual eyes or spirit of discerning the true prophets.

“I want to believe that this is my ministry to open eyes of those failing to discern, failing to see the truth by providing them with spiritual eyes.”

On failure to bring results after prophecy, Prophet Freddy said remaining in the word is important. He urged people to stop taking Prophets as doctors who treat and discharge their patients.

“Every prophecy will come to pass. Moses prophesied about Canaan with honey and milk which he was seeing in the spiritual realm.

“To Israelites it was a surprise since they were in the wilderness where they fought wars and calamities along the way to Canaan.

“People consulting Prophets must not take them as doctors or nurses since God cannot discharge a healed or delivered person.

“When you receive prophecies follow what has been said and you get results. Moses was given instructions so as Adam and Noah in building the Ark.

Many people rush to say bad about Prophets when they fail to get results forgetting that they did not follow instructions, our God is so meticulous that he is even concerned with things we can all ignore.

To those who receive their healing let them remain rooted in the word, fellow-shipping with others so that they grow in the word.

Ministry hachisi chipatara chekuti ukaporeswa unonzi chienda wotokangamwa nezva doctor akurapa.

“God wants to talk to us daily and is looking for those wanting him to show them the goodness and mercy he has with his people,” said Prophet Freddy.