Prophet Magaya (photo: B Kanhamora).

Popular prophet , Walter Magaya, who is the founder  of the PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, last week took to the streets of Harare with his congregation cleaning the once Sunshine City.

The charismatic leader said the exercise was part of his deliverance ministry since some of the people face challenges in life over lack of exercise and responsibility.

“Delivering people from bondages is not a one day thing, some take time to discover that God has delivered them hence the need to ask them to stand up by taking them into the streets to show relevance,” said Prophet Magaya.

“In the Bible you read that some delivered people were asked to show themselves to their leaders and some asked to go and wash in rivers.

“Cleaning the city is part of our ministry to the community we live in and we feel blessed in seeing our environment clean even Jesus Christ is preparing the best environment more than the Garden of Eden, Paradise or heavenly places dzinenzira dzegoridhe.

“It is the people’s responsibility to make sure they clean their city, workplace and their homes. We have people living in poverty because of laziness and taking the church into the streets is part of evangelism.

“I enjoy keeping myself busy, sweating and remaining physically fit since God is also concerned about our health so that was the exercise. We expect everyone to do the same,” said Prophet Magaya.

PHD members woke up early and got down to cleaning streets of the central business district making sure all the garbage left by vendors was placed in bins.