UNITED Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is trying to rope Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya into a legal wrangle pitting the former with businessman Mr Upenyu Mashangwa
Mr Mashangwa says he lost a house in Marlborough, Harare to a bank after Prophet Makandiwa allegedly gave a false debt cancellation prophecy.

In an application for the case to be dismissed, Prohpet Makandiwa says Mr Mashangwa sold the house to Prophet Magaya.

However, in an affidavit filed at the High Court last week, Mr Mashangwa wrote: “I have noticed with amusement how Makandiwa tries to rope in his competitor and nemesis one Prophet Magaya.

“In his suggestion, am I involved in their fights?

“Whatever his intentions, they leave a bad taste and show him to be an unbalanced individual who is in need of assistance. I refuse to be party to their wars.”

In all, Mr Mashangwa is claiming US$6,5 million from Prophet Makandiwa for alleged false promises, loss of property and money as tithes and offerings, and pushing him to unknowingly engage the services of a de-registered lawyer.

Last week, Mr Mashangwa claimed Prophet Makandiwa was losing a significant number of followers.

“. . . Mr Makandiwa had lost his wealthy followers. He therefore could not afford to pay me the money he had undertaken to pay. Indeed, it is his penury which is making him jump up and down.

“For all these reasons, I submit that the application (by Prophet Makandiwa to dismiss the case) must fail with costs on the higher scale.

“In the normal order of things, those costs should have been borne by the legal practitioners.

“I submit however, that they must be borne by the applicants who are clearly the parties who do not want to testify. Their attitude is unworthy and immoral and in view of the fact that they profess to be leaders of the society, an example must be made of them.”