A 45­-year-­old man has landed in the dock after he assaulted his wife for reprimanding him over the use of Prophetic and Healing Deliverance (PHD) Walter Magaya’s anointing oil. \

Lawrence Rukarwa, 45, appeared before magistrate Anniah Ndiraya answering domestic violence charges.

He was not asked to plead as his case was remanded to a later date for trial.

The complainant in the case is his wife Yvonne Chindavata aged 40 and employed by ZESA.

Allegations against Rukarwa arose at their Highfield home last month when, according to prosecutor Devoted Gwashavanhu Nyagano, the couple’s child was fell sick.

Court heard that, around 9pm in the night, Rukarwa tried to sprinkle the anointing oil on the child against his wife’s wishes.

She indicated that did not want the oil in their house.

This angered Rukarwa who then assaulted his wife several times all over her body.

Chindavata then filed a police report, leading to the husband’s arres