CLERIC turned fierce critic to President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday visited Arnold farm where he took to prayer, denouncing and cursing the First Lady Grace Mugabe for allegedly causing the suffering of over 100 families she has evicted from the Mazowe farm.

Pastor Patrick Mugadza, who recently spent weeks in remand prison for allegedly prophesying President Mugabe’s imminent death, met a handful dejected villagers who shared their frustrations with him.

In a controversial prayer, the defiant preacher implored the Almighty to return all misfortunes that Grace has visited upon the villagers.

“We pray right now in Jesus’ Mighty name that as she has removed people from where they are, may she also be removed from where she is.

“The person who has caused people to lose sleep in their houses, may she also get no sleep, in Jesus Mighty name,” Mugadza said in his prayer.

Grace, for the second time in five years, has come under fire for defying court orders prohibiting her from evicting 114 families settled at the State­-owned farm.

Most of the helpless villagers are Zanu PF supporters and liberation war collaborators settled at the farm at the turn of the millennium when government embarked on its land reform programme.

Grace has been accused of evicting the villagers who she wants to pave way for her wildlife sanctuary. The First Lady, who also runs an orphanage centre near the disputed farm, is said to be intending to extend her empire to Arnold farm also known as Manzou Farm.

Last week, anti­riot police raided the farm and burnt down homes, despite the existence of yet another court order issued by the High Court January this year barring her from the widely­ condemned action.

Moved by the plight of the villagers and the apparent injustices by the country’s most powerful woman at the moment, Mugadza braved a visit to Arnold farm where he failed to gain access to the farm compound because of heavy state security deployed in several points leading to compound.

That did not however, stop him from congregating with a few victims outside the farm where he called on the Almighty to punish Grace the same way she was ill­-treating innocent poor citizens.

“The person who has caused trouble on others, may she also receive trouble, the person who has caused loss on others, may she also lose everything, in Jesus’ name.

He continued, “May her bed slap her with guilt; may her food give her guilt; may even her house bash her with guilt, even the dogs because she is not fit for leadership. This is not the way to lead people.

“I pray that everything around her will turn against her, the trees, and the food she eats each and every day. Father I pray that she may see war each and every day, fight her in the office Father, in Jesus’ mighty name.”