DESTINY of Africa Network (DAnet) says it has secured funding to roll out a car loan scheme for pastors and their wives, a move aimed at attracting votes for Zanu PF ahead of the watershed polls mid-year.

DAnet founder and Zanu PF-aligned cleric, Obadiah Musindo, said his organisation was targeting to parcel out more than 100 vehicles to church leaders on a loan scheme.

The organisation says it has the support of a local bank and an insurance firm to help men and women of the cloth with vehicles — especially those in rural areas who were finding it difficult to reach their congregants.

“I do not have the money, but I have sourced funding to provide our church leaders with vehicles so that they can be able to reach their members easily,” Musindo said.

“Just like the housing projects, the scheme is a loan facility with favourable terms that our church leaders — especially those in rural areas — can afford.

“This is part of our efforts to support government initiatives to empower our people.”

Already, Musindo said 10 vehicles had been distributed to pastors drawn from various churches.

Besides the car scheme, DAnet — a pro-Zanu PF non-governmental organisation — said it was also considering provision of residential stands for church leaders as well as church stands for them.