A GROUP of pastors is planning a prayer session with President Emmerson Mnangagwa after he took over from his predecessor Robert Mugabe. The pastors have also lashed out at fellow clergyman Bishop Johannes Ndanga for organising a similar event which was addressed by former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The Zimbabwe Ministers’ Fraternal (Zimef) yesterday met and resolved to meet Mnangagwa and lobby for the introduction of a minister responsible for religion in his yet-to-be announced Cabinet.

Zimef chairperson Reverend Nicholas Mavondo, who organised the meeting, said he wanted to thank Mnangagwa for remaining calm when he was subjected to attacks by Grace and her allies in the G40 cabal.

“We want to meet the President as pastors and pray with him together so that he receives wisdom when selecting the new Cabinet. We are aware he is one man who has openly called God to bless Zimbabwe, his predecessor (Robert Mugabe) never at any time asked God to bless this nation in his addresses,” Mavondo said.

Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe after the military moved in through Operation Restore Legacy, which forced the 93-year-old leader to step down.

“We, as pastors, want to thank the President for remaining calm during the time he was being persecuted. We want to also thank our Defence Forces for carrying out Operation Restore Legacy which was well-executed showing the world that Zimbabweans are not a violent people,” Mavondo said.

The man-of-the-cloth had no kind words for Ndanga – who is the president of Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe – labelling him a fake prophet and a crook, following his alleged organisation of Grace’s Super Sunday, which they said precipitated the demise of Mugabe.

“Ndanga told Mugabe in his false prophecy that he was going to rule forever, but what happened? Two weeks down the line, Mugabe was gone. We also want him (Ndanga) to explain what happened to the money he collected for pastors’ stands.”

Mavondo’s deputy, Bishop Milton Chaniwa, said: “We as a church are proud of our army and we are even more proud to be associated with it. No country in the world has ever experienced what happened in Zimbabwe where soldiers, who are trained to use guns, carry out an operation without using their weapons.”

Ndanga refused to comment on the matter.