THE Officer In charge at Malbrough police station allegedly took his subordinates to a prophet after over $1,000 collected from spot fines went missing from the station’s strong­room, a Harare court heard Monday.

Robert Matsilele reportedly took his three juniors to the prophet in a bid to recover the stolen money and keys to the safe.

This was disclosed by one of the subordinates, Richard Kashoma, who is answering to theft charges involving the missing cash.

In his defence, Kashoma said even the prophet cleared him of the allegations in the presence Matsilele and his workmates.

His colleague, Jesirina Muderedzi, supported him in court saying the prophet, who has a shrine in Malbrough, told them that Kashoma and his colleagues in the administration department did not lay a finger on the money.

Kashoma told court that he surrendered the strong­room keys to Matsilele before going home on the day in question.

He said he believed it was Matsileke who stole the money since they always surrendered the strong­room keys to him at the end of each day.