Government last week issued a warning on fake prophets who are performing healing miracles which are fooling the sick saying they risk jail.

Speaking at a media briefing, Health and Child Care deputy minister Aldrin Musiiwa said:
“Errant religious leaders who are fleecing Zimbabweans of their hard-earned money claiming to possess spiritual powers to heal infectious diseases will soon face persecution,” said Musiiwa.

According to the ministry of health and child care, faith healers who need to administer healing miracles need to be registered and have a certificate.

It went on to say that 85% of Zimbabweans visit faith healers, citing the worsening socio-economic situation, as the main driver leading them to resort to dubious spiritual healing.

Prophets who spoke to this paper had mixed reactions regarding this proposed government move.

Prophet Tatenda Machiridzi founder of Healing Nation ministry said they need to comply with the government order.

“As religious leader we need to uphold the country’s laws and as such whatever piece of legislation they enact we don’t have a choice but to obey, ”said Machiridzi.

Madzibaba Gilbert Zisungwe said the government is right in stopping the menace because of many bogus prophets.

“This is a step in the right direction as we are having many fly-by-night prophet who are faking people and they will be unwilling to regulate their works,”said Madzibaba Zisungwe who claimed to be registered .

A Glen-View-based prophet who requested anonymity said the government is not sincere and just want to increase its revenue base since faith healers would be required to pay a certain fee to get licensed.

“What is clear is that the government has seen that there are many prophets who are doing wonderful things of God and just thought of making a killing out of that.

“Remember they once proposed to tax churches and now this licensing thing is just a cover up for that,” quizzed the prophet .

Norton-based prophet Brighton Chikomo who heads Bright Light Prophetic ministries said some of the statements regarding this order could be careless.

“I think some of the statements are careless regarding how Men of God conduct themselves and who will determine that the miracles are fake and it my noble opinion that there should be a respectable approach to this, ” argued prophet Brighton Chikomo.

The controversial prophet who is on a whirl-wind tour dubbed ’60-day- Mega Crusades which will start in Gokwe, Redcliff, Mvurwi, Mt Darwin and Mutare just to mention a few said he promises healing and anointing to all those who will succeed to come to these crusades.

Of late the country has seen an upsurge of prophets who have hogged the limelight for their prophecy and healing escapades that have been described by many as stage-managed to hoodwink followers into believing in them (prophets).