PANIC gipped the resort town of Victoria Falls Thursday night after a self­ proclaimed prophet claimed that an Extra City bus would be involved in a fatal accident as it was carrying a goblin.

The bus plies the Victoria FallsBulawayo­Harare route and Madzibaba Benfrage of Johanne Masowe WeChishanu claimed that it had on board a goblin used to lure passengers.

As word spread about the “prophet’s vision of a “coffin with a baby’s body and a horn­like item” on board an Extra City coach, travellers shunned the company’s buses at the local Chinotimba Bus Rank.

Witnesses said Madzibaba Benfrage then turned up at the rank at around 9pm in the company of police officers and removed the goblin from one of the buses.

Although there was no immediate confirmation of the incident from the ZRP, sources said the prophet removed a horn­like goblin from underneath the driver’s seat.

Victoria Falls councillor Somveli Ndebele confirmed hearing about the incident. “I heard about this issue but I don’t know how far true it is. We will investigate some more,” he said.

The incident went viral on social media after it was claimed that buses had been stopped from leaving the rank until the matter was resolved.

This also comes at a time when Extra City has been involved in a number of accidents over the years, some of them fatal with many claiming that the bus company uses juju.

The message that circulated on What’s App read: “The buses have been stopped from departing from Victoria Falls Bus Rank because Madzibaba Benfrage prophesied that there was a bus carrying a coffin with a kid’s body.

“The bus is using blood to lure passengers and if the bus departs it will kill everybody.” Sources told there was pandemonium at the bus rank after Madzibaba Benfrage retrieved the goblin from under the driver’s seat.

“He told some of his church members that he wanted to remove a goblin. “He sought clearance from the police and was even accompanied by cops when he eventually went to the rank to perform the exorcising act,” said a source.

The horn was allegedly used by the bus company to attract passengers and some locals were left convinced it was also responsible for accidents involving the company over the years.

“He prayed and removed the horn from under the driver’s seat. The bus crew told him that the item was in a parcel sent by a Zambian to a relative in Bulawayo,” said one witness.

The buses only left in the morning Friday against their timetables. Police could not readily comment on the matter.