Controversial Zanu-PF associated pastor Obadiah Msindo, has boasted that the ruling party, which has in power since 1980, is unmoved by the grand coalition of opposition parties to challenge  President Robert Mugabe in 2018.

The founder of Destiny for Afrika Network (Danet), said the ruling party has a “bag full of tricks to resoundingly win the 2018 elections”.

Addressing beneficiaries of his Destiny for Afrika Network low income housing scheme in Mutare, Msindo said Zanu PF will win the 2018 elections.

“Zanu PF is going to win the 2018 elections and we are going to win with a bigger margin. Are you not aware that we have a bag full of tricks to win the elections? We will use different tricks to win the election,” , Msindo, who has in the past been accused on a litany of charges from rape to fraud, said without elaborating.

This comes as three opposition parties – Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T, Welshman Ncube’s MDC and Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party – have signed memoranda of understanding towards the proposed coalition.

“My workers are heavily campaigning for the party, each worker will bring four to five or 10 people that will vote for Zanu PF,” Musindo said.

“We are not scared of the proposed coalition. These people know that they are not going to defeat Zanu PF. The likes of Mujuru are just bitter because they were kicked out of the ruling party.”

Several opposition parties are currently piling pressure on the Zanu PF government to reform the electoral roadmap to guard against vote-rigging, but Musindo said the efforts would come to nought, as the parties had no programmes to attract voters.

“The opposition parties in the country have no programmes to offer in the country and we are not going to vote for sweets. They failed to deliver when they were in the coalition government,” he said.