SUCCESS in local gospel music is synonymous with the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa church and another gem is being polished in the name of 25-year-old congregant, songstress Esther Kanengoni.

Kanengoni boldly declared to The Master that “if singing gospel is your call and mandate, then there is no greater joy than to earn a living doing what you have been created to do and love to do”.

“Everyone was created by God for a specific purpose and a mandate. In that mandate is your success and your riches. Everyone must seek to know who they really are and pursue that,” she said.

At her assembly, Kanengoni is inspired by singers Pastor Haisa, Pastor David Mabvuramiti and Carol Mujokoro, who are now household names in the gospel music fraternity in Zimbabwe.

With her latest single Wabaiwa Jesu doing very well abroad in London at Zimnet Radio, where it is among the top 10 hit songs, she attributes her rise to success to discipline.

She said it was a trait that comes naturally in her Christian walk.

Kanengoni religiously sticks to her working commandments that have seen her producing four quality singles, including her latest offering Wabaiwa Jesu, a powerful track whose message is set to transform a lot of people’s lives when they listen to it.

According to her, the simple rules to success which are full of the “don’ts” for a young gospel musician are:

“Be original. Don’t be afraid to be you, and don’t try to be anyone else. Hear God and follow His leading, don’t seek to please people at the expense of pleasing God. Don’t wait until you are good to start, just start where you are. Let me add that If you make one hit song, know that you are still human, you are not yet an angel or a legend and finally, work hard and don’t wait to be handed everything,” she said.

So far she has produced four singles which are Mercy Wadadisa, which she did with Joy of Life Studio, Makatichengeta with Big Sound Studio and Vachata produced by Charles Ayibeki.

“On the type of beat I use, I can say I’m a versatile artist. I can sing any beat, be it dancehall and rhumba, among others as long as I’m preaching the good news, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ,” she said.

Wabaiwa Jesu, which was produced by Lucky Kaparautsi at Joy of Life Studio was released in April and apart from its international breakthrough, it has been received well by local gospel fans.

She explained her message on the song:

“From my song, Wabaiwa Jesu, I was preaching about the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for us to be free from bondage. I was reminding people that there was a lamb slayed at Cavalry for our salvation. Therefore, no situation is too much for the Lord, all was finished at the cross,” she said.

Kanengoni is confident that the single will soon be embraced across the country by fans, as it gets airplay on radio stations.

She is promising fans an album soon which she is working on after recording her first song in 2016 with the track titled Mercy Wadadisa.

“I was born a singer from my mother’s womb but I was inspired by a lot of artists, the likes of Baba Charles Charamba with the song Mhinduro Iriko, Pastor Olinda Marowa Zviwenga with song Ndinouya Baba,” she said.

“I may not mention them all but there are so many, including Bethany Pasinawako and Agatha Murudzwa.”

The sky is not the limit, she said with confidence since with God all things are possible.