In most cases we pray to God for whatever we desire in life and when finally God answers our prayers, it becomes very difficult for us to notice that our prayer requests have been fulfilled.

The Israelites cried to God for food while they were in the wilderness and God caused bread to fall from heaven and they wondered among themselves saying “what is this?” Peter got imprisoned by Herod and the church prayed earnestly to God and when he was finally set free by the angle of God, those who prayed for him could not believe it. Our unbelief is causing us to overstay in our problems — even up to death —yet God has already provided a solution to those problems.

In Luke Chapter 4 vs 24-27, Jesus said a prophet is not accepted in his own town. He gives further reference to the fact that there were many widows in Israel during the time of Elijah when the heavens were closed for three years and six months, and yet Elijah was not sent to a single one of them but only to Zarephath.

Moreso, there were lepers in Israel in the time of Elisha and yet it was Naaman the Syrian who was cleansed. The Israelites overstayed in Egypt because they did not believe in Moses the first time he was sent by God to deliver them and this was when he killed an Egyptian.

This was supposed to mark the beginning of their deliverance. The Israelites had stayed 390 years in Egypt (which was very close to the 400 years) meaning God honoured his covenant with Abraham. Let me not beat about the bush and get straight to the point.

When we pray to God for something, God does not give us that something but he raises a person who is anointed to meet our needs. In the book of Judges Chapter 6 vs 8 we notice that after the Israelites had been greatly impoverished by the Midianites, they cried to the Lord and the Lord sent a prophet to them.

The person I am referring to here is none other than Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who was raised by God to meet all our desires. Unfortunately instead of believing in him we are attacking him. The man of God has been persecuted the most since he founded the United Family International Church about five years ago.

Rarely a month passes by without our local newspapers writing an article about the man of God saying negative things about him. Even in many churches, certain men of God choose to go to the pulpit attacking Prophet Makandiwa. Many preachers attack the prosperity gospel forgetting that even Jesus died poor for us to be rich.

The word gospel itself means good news, so then I wonder what you call good news to the sick, poor, broken hearted, barren etc. Second Chronicles Chapter 20 vs 20 talks about believing in God for our establishment and his prophets for our prosperity. What it means, therefore, is that whatever we desire from God — which is prosperity — is no longer with God but is now with the one he has sent to us and for us to access the prosperity, we just have to believe in the one God has raised.

In Matthew Chapter 5 vs 44, Jesus is telling us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us and this is the very thing that the man of God is doing meaning whatever he is doing is Biblical.

Let me take you back to the Old Testament and show you what other prophets would do whenever their personality had been attacked. In Numbers 16 vs 28 we realise that Korah and Datnan rebelled against Moses and Moses prayed to God for them to die a strange death and the Earth swallowed them up.

In Second Kings Chapter 1 vs 10 a group of 50 men is sent to seize Elijah and the prophet ordered fire to descend from the Heavens and consumed the company of 50 men. In Second Kings Chapter 2 vs 23-24 we see young boys mocking Elisha and the man of God calls for a curse and she-bears came out of the woods and ripped up 42 of the boys. Going back to Numbers Chapter 12 vs 1-2 we realise Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses and God caused Miriam to be leprous and she became white as snow.

There is also a verse that says “Touch Not My Anointed and do my prophets no harm” but we never seem to realism this. The man of God even challenged his critics to come and set the record straight but up to now none of his critics has volunteered to prove him otherwise. In my view, this challenge is very Biblical because even the prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to prove they were genuine prophets and they spent the whole day praying to their god who could not answer by fire. I am very much against false prophets and it is my prayer to God that they be exposed.

The man of God has got several projects he has embarked on in the country including Prayer Mountain that is nearing completion. I believe once work at this prayer mountain has been completed, every Christian is allowed access to use it and this is what surprises me now having the devil allowing Christians to use this structures. I know in the Bible Jesus said every kingdom that is divided against itself shall not stand. I have now found out why Jesus said those from the dark kingdom are wiser and it is beginning to make sense because the devil has succeeded in making us to fight one another.

The problem with us Zimbabweans is that though we are highly-educated, our reasoning is very low because we seem to believe too much in lies. Let us be spiritually sensitive and resist the devil who is roaring like a lion seeking its prey. In the Bible they even castigated Jesus, saying he uses demons to cast out demons.

Therefore are we saying there are no true prophets in Zimbabwe because we seem to demonise every prophet raised by God? In Acts Chapter 17 vs 11 the people would search and examine the Scriptures daily to see if what they were taught was so but here in Zimbabwe, we can’t do that. What then surprises me is that many foreigners come to Zimbabwe to see the so-called false prophets and in other countries we have Zimbabweans against visiting the so-called false prophets.

Now my question is: who is a true prophet? In my view all this serves to fulfil the verse which says no prophet is accepted in his town or country. Do you realise when Jesus was crucified, the chief priests were at the forefront recommending that he be killed?

I now urge all the Christians to pull in one direction as we make efforts to unite the body of Christ. It appears the devil has caused people to believe that he is more powerful than God. In conclusion, I urge people to believe in the man of God and stop attacking him.

Let’s stop this unjustified attack on our prophets and firmly believe in them like the Arabs who so much believe in their prophet Mohamad and this is the very reason why they control most of the wealth in the world. Our continued attack on our prophets has a very negative effect on us because we might be inviting a curse from God.