Years ago, in my village, I remember one man who used to move around with his four spanners. He was not qualified but with his four spanners he would repair and fix stoves, radios, and just anything his spanners could fit on.

He was affectionately known as ‘makanika anoita zvese zvese’ (a mechanic who solves anything). Originally a mechanic is one skilled and trained to solve mechanical problems, yet no-matter how good he/she is, cannot do much without tools.

He/she would be like any ordinary person without a tool box. So is it in life as a child of God, you will not do much without spiritual tools and equipment. You need to be spiritually equipped to live the victorious and successful life.

I will talk to you about that spiritual equipment today.

With it, you can turn around your life’s circumstances and be victorious.

Christianity was not and never meant just to be natural and ordinary. It is spiritual, carries power and is supernatural!

Acts 1:8, ‘But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.’

This was after Jesus had come and died on the cross, rose on the third day and was about to ascend back into heaven.

His disciples may have thought that he was about to establish his kingdom here on earth yet he told them he was about to leave.

While they were still wondering what it is he meant, he encouraged them and told them that not many days from the time he was talking to them, they would receive POWER, (or equipment) after the Holy Ghost had come upon them.

Friends many have misunderstood the coming and work of the Holy Ghost.

He did not just come to make us good people and excited. No.

He came to equip us to do the supernatural and move the impossible. It’s not good in this day not to have, even a single ‘spiritual tool.’

Even one as small but powerful as screw driver! No, it’s not good.

You should have something. You should carry something for people; something for your workmates, for your schoolmates, for your neighbours and people around you.

At least one man in the Bible went to one of his friend and said, I have found the Messiah. Upon being asked further questions he just said, ‘Come and see’ John 1:44-46. O glory to God.

You do not need to keep quiet or be ashamed about Jesus. That’s why the Holy Ghost came to equip you with power to preach and talk about Jesus.

Beloveds, we were called and equipped to preach the gospel and save the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Don’t be a quiet or shy Christian, no.

Like Peter who boldly stood with the eleven on the day of Pentecost who preached the gospel – preach the gospel!

Interestingly, the Spirit of God did not come just to equip us to preach the gospel only, No. Did you not read of how Peter and John at the hour of prayer on their way to the temple, at the gate Beautiful met a man, crippled from birth, and ministered to him?

They told him, such as we have, give we unto you, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk.

The man leaped and walked for the first time, giving glory to God, hallelujah. Besides preaching, the Spirit of God came to equip you to heal the sick.

With this kind of equipment you become a moving hospital. You carry life and medicine in your hands for the dying and hurting world without an operation room.

Brothers and sisters, the Holy Ghost causes us to heal the sick. Do not fear, or wonder what will happen when I pray and nothing happens.  The Book says your duty is to lay hands on the sick only – it’s his duty and role to make them recover, Mark 16:18.

Back then I remember as a young man, one minister who came to our church for a revival, and was praying for the sick.

On a particular day, he surprised us by calling up front, people who had legs that were not balanced, one longer or shorter than the other. He asked for a chair and had the first person sit down.

We really looked on to see what the man was about to do. Friends, there are gifts of healings in God! Right before our eyes we saw the man pull and adjust; the shorter leg to be equal to the other one! Hallelujah.

It can only be through the power and equipment of the Holy Ghost. At your workplace, neighbourhood, school or anywhere you are, realise that you are anointed to heal the sick.

Kindly tell them, ‘Can I pray for you, God will heal you.’
O hallelujah, be a moving hospital. I also have a point to make here.
You don’t need to be a pastor to be and do all this, No.

You just need to be a driver who will carry the power of God.
Further more you will also read and learn that it came a time when people would lay the sick on the roadsides, believing that if at least Peter’s shadow would fall on them, they would be healed. Many were healed and evil spirits came out.

Apart from preaching the gospel, and healing the sick, you also have to be equipped to cast out devils.

Be furnished with the power of God to cast out devils and deliver the oppressed.

Don’t just see people and think, they are people, No.

People carry things on them; things that trouble, torture and torment them; things that fail them sleep, that eat babies in their stomachs, that cause misfortune at work, that hinder progress and success in life. A deliverer is awaited.

But you need to be equipped.

As you read this article, I have prayed that the Lord God equip you to preach the gospel, to heal the sick and set the captives free.

Imagine how much loaded a man like Legion (not real name) was?

Who carried a legion of 2 000 demons, which when they came out of him and went into over 2 000 pigs, the whole herd could not remain on one place but drowned themselves in the sea, Mark 5:13.

Imagine how bound that man was?
Friends, the kingdom of God is waiting; waiting for a man or woman who will carry the power and equipment of God to the desperate community.

You need that gift and ministry of deliverance.
All around you, people are bound.

Some are suffering from generational diseases, some struggling with a curse in their marriages and relationships, some bound financially, some have things that move in their bodies up and down yet some are tormented and haunted by things they do not see.

Brothers and sisters, we were not called to sit or fear but to cast those things out. I repeat all those things that oppress people, cast them out and let them go, in Jesus name.

Be equipped today and receive the gifts of God in Jesus name. The world is waiting. Receive the gift of God. All you just need is to just desire, for the Bible teaches us to earnestly ‘desire spiritual gifts’ 1 Corinthians 14:1.

And always remember with men it is impossible but not with God, for with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27. God bless you.

This is a message from the sermons by our powerful man of God Bishop Dr. B Manjoro, who is the President & founder of Faith World Ministries and Bible College.

Come join us to hear these life changing messages every Sunday at the Cathedral of Faith opposite city sports centre at 1000hrs and every working day for Lunch Hour Services 1-2PM at Manica House, Corner First and R. Mugabe.