Jesus said, “If you forgive others the wrongs they have done to you, your Father in heaven will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6:14).

What would you do if someone wrongs you a Christian? What would you do if you knew someone who’s been wronged? Would you help in revenging or you will just ignore?

Why am I asking such questions? It is because such a situation happened in Chipinge. A man who is part of a church choir who was controlled by the sinful desires of human nature and committed sexual immorality was stripped naked and forced to walk around the residential area naked till he got to his house by people who claim to be Christians. Because he had no option, the man walked nude to his house with a mob shunning, laughing and calling him names.

John Bevere in his book The Bait Of Satan compares taking offence with a trap . “There are two elements that make a successful trap: it is hidden so that the animal walks right into it , and there is bait that attracts the animal. Touchiness is one of the most misleading types of bait the enemy uses against Christians – we pick up the bait,  eat it, feed our hearts on it and become trapped.”

Joyce Meyer believes that a prickly disposition is a method of self -protection. Why is it so difficult to ignore when someone wrongs us? Because we want to let the person who wronged us know that they can’t treat us badly and get away with it as well! But think how tired we would be been at the end of each day if God mentioned to us every little thing we did wrong.

Yes, we can’t escape from life’s storms or the temptation to be annoyed by people or prevent ourselves from experiencing negative emotions. But we can learn to manage them. After looking at this picture closely and getting into this man’s shoes for a second, I want you to ask yourself if you can trust God to grant you the ability to behave with holiness even in unholy situations such as this one…  


Joan Musikavanhu finishes her studies of journalism at the Midlands State University in Gweru. Last year she was helping out the communication team of the Spirit Embassy in Harare.