Without Jesus Christ, there would be no Christian religion, regardless of the category of faith. In a way of introduction, the bible reveals that Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.

True Christianity is the common faith delivered unto the saints of old. The profundity of this subject is so great.

King David, the Great Psalmist of Israel, wrote in Psalm 133, “How good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity”. This is where I have a problem with so-called 21st century Christians.

By faith Spoken Word ‘End-Time’ Message believers understand from the scriptures that Prophet William Marrion Branham was the Elijah Ministry prophesied in Malachi 4 vs 5 & 6.

They claim he was that 7th Church Age Messenger, Revelation 10 v 7, appointed to finish the mystery of God as was declared by God’s servants the prophets. Christians of all categories of faith should stand in one accord in good times and in battle because the common enemy of Christianity is none other than the devil. We should take sides with Jesus Christ, regardless.

Needless to mention, the trial of Brother Gumbura received national publicity bringing the Spoken Word ‘End-Time’ Message and the Polygamy doctrine to the attention of Zimbabwe. This servant of God has maintained that the trial was the result of a conspiracy involving atheists, feminists, newsmen, politicians and Churches of Christ, whose ministers and backsliders were among his main accusers. Nevertheless, we realize persecution is getting underway against Christians. Evil men inspired by Satan will stop at nothing in seeking revenge because Brother Robert Martin Gumbura will finally be granted freedom from jail.

Those opposing Brother Gumbura in political and religious circles claim that such like ministers in Christianity are forces of ignorance, religious superstition and moral rebellion.

The Voice of Healing of June 1956 by Rev. Gordon Lindsay carried a story on the ‘Aftermath of Jack Coe Trial’ where Joseph Lewis, President of Freethinkers of America waged a serious attack and mobilized funds to cause God’s servant, Evangelist Jack Coe to be jailed. Evangelist Jack Coe, who was a convert of Rev. Branham, died in 1956 the same year Brother Gumbura was born.

In a 1955 revival service in Miami, Florida it’s reported that Evangelist Jack Coe told parents of a three year old boy who was suffering from polio, that he had healed their son from polio.  He then instructed the parents to remove the boy’s leg braces and crutches. He further ordered the boy to walk before the audience on the platform. However, it later turned that the son was not cured of polio and removing the braces left the boy in constant pain. As a result, Jack Coe was arrested and charged on February 6, 1956 with practicing medicine without a license, a felony in the state of Florida. He was jailed and released on $5,000 bail.


After a two-day trial the judge ruled that he could not “condemn the defendant (Jack Coe) or anyone who in good faith advocates the bible written word and practices his faith in Divine Healing” and dismissed the case.

When Brother Gumbura was hewed before our courts, one would expect Churches and ministers of the gospel to defend their own. When every churchman that mentions the Name of Jesus Christ should’ve stood by his side gallantly, every man that calls on the Name of the Lord Jesus should’ve fell to their knees in prayer; but instead of that, across the headlines of the papers, one of the religious organizations and a great denomination Clergy, said they joined hands with the atheists to condemn and prison Brother Robert Martin Gumbura.

Could you imagine a church calling on the Name of Christ, would join hands with an atheist to condemn a godly man, who was trying with all of his heart to stand for the Bible? But they did it! They allowed the inspiration of the devil to use them in the name of ‘Doing God a Service’ but ‘knoweth-it-not’ that it was not the will of God! Truly, this is another Jack Coe case before the Courts.

The devil is no friend of true Christianity. No! No! No! I insist. The human mind under satanic machinations using the political, religious and women-influences is able to concoct negatively and to produce in the way of destructive power against believers.

There are men claiming to be men of God and leaders of denominations and religious organizations who are the leading spirit behind the prosecution of Brother Gumbura and are also on the warpath against Churches and servants of God advocating healing deliverance and prophetic exploits.

Let me forewarn every Christian that the on-going prophetic faith movements are a sign from God that the ‘Third-Pull’ glory prophesied by Rev. Branham is about to set into motion. These are the days for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God and all creation has been waiting groaning. These are the birth-pains of the birth of a Bride ministry which liken Jesus Christ ministry. It is about time saints for the bride to become one.

Leaders grant me your attention. You are highly favored Zimbabwe. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear and prophesy!