Would you allow anyone to share a house with you if you didn’t know them? And do you truly know someone if you don’t have a relationship with that person? The Bible says that Jesus is the only way to God . “No-one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6 ). And to come to the Father through Jesus means having a relationship with Him.

It is not enough to only know of Jesus; you must know him by spending time in his presence- just like you would spend time and attention on your relationships with friends and relatives. And before you think it’s too much to ask, also know that you don’t have to feel guilty if you can’t put time aside everyday to pray and read the Bible for hours .You can work on your relationship by visiting a prayer mountain once in a while.

Zion Christian Church of Samuel Mutendi followers go to Mbungu – Defe in Masvingo. Apostle Guti’s ZAOGA has a prayer mountain in Bindura and Prophet Uebert Angel‘s Spirit Embassy has a prayer mountain off Beatrice road, about 60 km from Harare, called the Eagle Mountain. Roman Catholics go to Mutemwa in Mutoko.

By just visiting any of these prayer places you let the Lord know He is your first priority-above money, things, success and people. We are very good at talking to God such that we forget that what is more important is for Him to talk to us, meaning we have to listen to Him.

Many have had their faith boosted by visiting these prayer places because the more you pray the more your spiritual eyes and ears open hence you can see and hear the unseen and unheard at these prayer places. Problems and misfortunes vanish into thin air, blessings and spiritual gifts fall into open palms that are accepting and appreciating .

Some have experienced nights with the angels ministering at the Eagle Mountain and the ZAOGA prayer mountain in Bindura, some the anointing of the Holy Spirit…and some the good feeling of being in God’s company the whole time they are there. Prayer and fasting makes you grow spiritually with a supernatural speed hence it is more advised to visit these prayer places during fasting or in a prayerful mood and clear mind and heart ready to feast on the spiritual.

The good thing about these prayer places is that you can visit them anytime you want or when you feel like you need time alone with the Lord in a holy environment pregnant with all the beautiful things that the Lord has blessed us with.

You feel like the world is tumbling down, something great has just happened , things have just become too much for you to handle or you just want quality time with the Lord your father visit one of these prayer places. Jesus is Lord!

Joan Musikavanhu finishes her studies of journalism at the Midlands State University in Gweru. Last year she was helping out the communication team of the Spirit Embassy in Harare.