Zimbabwe is largely a Christian community led by a president who is Catholic and we assume that therefore the first family is Catholic.

However recent media reports on the factionalism in the ruling party Zanu PF which is the President’s party does not reflect the Christianity in the First family.

Zimbabweans have expressed concern on the vitriolic attacks on the Vice president and other Zanu PF members by the first Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe.

Zimbabwe has witnessed so much political killings and hate language spewed mostly by politicians that churches have taken it upon themselves to pray and fast for peace especially towards elections of any kind.

Speaking to realzim, most Christians condemned the language that the first lady has used on her “Meet the People tours” and said it threatens peace and does not reflect the holiness she claims.

Amos Gwavava said, “It is sad that we have been exposed to hate language by the only television station we have and it’s even more sad that it is the first lady using this filthy language. The president has said he is a devout Catholic but we now doubt that,” he said


Nyembesi added, “We are shocked by the hate shown by the first lady. We need churches to pray for her and the President. And she even claims to be with the Holy Spirit, the bible says we should love one another.”

Despite the hate language, Amai Mugabe has told the nation that she “speaks in tongues.” Besides claiming to speak in tongues she also said she has the ability to see heavenly visions.

She told pastors at her Mazowe business hub that she was a prayerful woman who was married to a priest.

In Gweru, she said she was ready to spill blood if she was forced out from her Farm that she grabbed from a white family in Mazowe

At another rally she celebrated the death of author Heidi Holland who wrote a book on the President, “Dinner with Mugabe.”

Exodus 20:7 say, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

Going to and coming from Rome for the beatification of Pope John Paul V1, Amai Mugabe publicly refused to shake hands with VP Joice Mujuru (so much of a catholic).

The Lord says pray for your enemies and love them but Amai Mugabe has done the opposite. Instead of unifying the nation, Amai Mugabe is dividing the nation and doing so using the name of God.


A pastor with a local church condemned the acts of Amai Mugabe and urged her to be a good example and reflect that Zimbabwe is largely a Christian country