The idea of gospel music being considered a career, profession or ministry is one interesting concept commonly associated with gospel musicians whose work is generally understood as that of preaching the word of God through song, music and dance. It is often difficult to understand what exactly constitutes a career, profession or ministry with respect to the work of gospel musicians, although there is general agreement that their music preaches the gospel.

With music now being used for different purposes, people always have different ideas each time they try to fully describe the work of today’s gospel musicians.

For example, if gospel music were a profession or career, it would probably mean artistes are music experts whose songs or music entertains more than it ministers.

If, however, their work were to be considered a ministry, then it would mean their core objective for composing songs and music is preaching the gospel to sinners. Here artistes would be expected to be humble Christians who live according to their message.

To gain an insight into this subject, I asked several gospel artistes the following question: “Should gospel music be considered a career or profession or should it be considered a ministry where artistes live according to the message they preach?”

Below are the responses which came through.

It would be wise to find out what the word profession means. However, I believe artistes who sing gospel music to earn a living will not be effective for the Kingdom. The motive is wrong. They are likely to compromise. If you do that, your music will lack the power because its source is not God but flesh. You will sing what pleases the market not God. You will preach what people want to hear not what God wants people to hear. — Elvis Munetsi.
Gospel music should be a ministry because the ultimate objective is to spread the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ. This should only be done by those who are called and believe in the mission.

However, the Bible says “Do not muzzle the cow that tills the land” and it also says “Those of the gospel will eat of the gospel”. This means that those who choose to dedicate time, effort and passion can earn from it.

One may then call that a career in today’s language. The career must, however, be driven by a sense of mission and love for ministry, not money. The Bible says seek ye first the kingdom and His righteousness and all these will be added unto you. — Mandikudza Sithole.

I think gospel music should be a ministry because the main goal is to use our God-given talents to spread God’s message through song. If benefits come, praise the Lord. We should put God first not money or ourselves. Our first priority should be spreading the gospel. — Karon Mutungwazi.

Gospel music is a career and we should live what we preach and be exemplary. We are the same with pastors. It’s the same field of preaching but different calling. We are called ministers through music. — Lloyd Tevedzai.


Gospel music is a ministry and singing is a gift from God. People usually confuse the two. It’s easy to sell the gospel through music since people are hungry for words of motivation from the word of God. Because of this, many are now just using their singing talents to make a living.

Gospel music should be a calling in order for it to be a ministry. With regards to living the message you preach, we should understand that we all have our own flaws, ups and downs but surely there is need for people to live according to what they preach. If your message is about the love of God you should be an example of that. — Dzago Chatsama.

Acts 1:1 talks of what Jesus began to do and to teach. This shows that we have to do and preach at the same time. The Bible teaches us to be doers of the word. Gospel music is a ministry to those who are called and anointed for it. — Apostle Chingandu.*****

My dictionary says a career is a way of making a living and profession means you are an expert at what you do. So this is contrary to what the word of God says in respect of being a minister of the gospel. Mark 16:15 says “Go into the world and preach the good news to all creation”.
Matthew 4:19 says “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

So from these scriptures it’s clear that it’s our mandate, not a form of making a living, to spread the gospel to nations and win souls for His Kingdom. By merit one applies for a job, but in God’s ministry you are chosen by grace. — Ashton Mukonowenzou.

Whichever way, gospel musicians are in music for different purposes and their exact intentions for choosing gospel music best describes whether they are ministers of the gospel or they are just music professionals looking do business out of music.