by Giovanni del Autore

Here is a story a friend of mine shared with me a couple weeks ago when I told him that I contribute to blogs on

Two brothers in the Midlands province were involved in a dispute because the young brother was going out with the elder brother’s third wife. when confronted by his elder brother over the issue he became defensive and this did not go down well with his brother. The offended brother visited a traditional healer to help him kill the offender. On the deathbed, the offender told his only son to continue the war after his death but the son was very reluctant and never took any action. A year later his children got seriously ill. Upon visiting a traditional healer, he was told the same words his father told him before he died and was advised to do as such. He decided to resurrect his father’s avenging spirit to go and finish the war with his brother and this resulted in the death of his brother’s first and second wife. The father’s brother realizing what had transpired sent lightning to strike the wife of his late brother’s only son (the son who had resurrected the avenging spirit of his father). She is now paralyzed from waist going down. Her female assets were all burnt up. She was rushed to the hospital but when her husband came back from the hospital he found their hut struck by lightning and burnt down.The conflict is intensifying but I tried counseling the husband to let go and let God play his part. The involved parties are using African magic to killing innocent members of each other’s family.

What would you suggest these people should do to stop the family feud?