It is without doubt that the gospel of prosperity has become the talk of the town as worshipers rush there in prospects of  a better life.

Flamboyance and miracles of all sorts have reigned supreme in these churches .

After coming across a newspaper headline of one Prophet Passion Java, who was reported to tell one’s identity card number without even looking at it and could visit any one’s house using the ‘spiritual chariot’ and then go on to tell about every tiny detail about the house, this reporter sought to find out more about this ‘man of God’.

What pushed the curiosity more was that the prophet has not even surpassed the age of 30 yet he lives like a rock star and has been spotted in town distributing freebies to street kids, in a fashion more reminiscent of the biblical ‘manna from heaven’.

After attending the Kingdom Embassy’s Money Transfer conference in January at which American televangelist Prophet Raphael Grant was guest preacher, I was compelled to investigate Prophet Passion Java and how he managed to attract such a large crowd in excess of thousands at such a tender age.

The church venue was filled to capacity. After delving into the scriptures, Prophet Passion then began the prophecy session which knocked me off my feet.

The convention was headlined by performances from Christian rapper Mudiwa Mtandwa and dimunitive gospel star, Sabastian Magacha.

After the service, I tried in vain to engage Prophet Passion but the seemingly overzealous security barred me from entering into a discourse with the prophet.

After noticing my vigorous attempts to speak to him, the prophet sent an aide and after identifying myself as a journalist,  he apologised on behalf of his security .

He, however, said he was rushing to a healing session and could not speak to me then.

That did not deter me from investigating the ‘man of God’.

I engaged a church member who confided in me about who Prophet Passion really was.

I learnt that he lives like a rock star as I later saw him rolling in expensive wheels at a shopping centre in one northern Harare suburb.

I later caught up with the ‘man of God’ and realised how he was not so liberal with words.

Munhu waMwari (Man of God) I owe everything I have to God and I will not speak any further,”said Prophet Passion before driving off in the latest Jaguar F3.

He was born Passion Java and started as a member of the Tebernacles of Grace ministries.

At the age of twenty-something, Prophet Passion owns a plush house in Borrowdale Brooke, the country’s number one address.

He drives a latest Chrystler among a fleet of flashy cars. Last year, Prophet Passion pulled a shocker when he opened a television station K-TV which beams across the world.

The channel is available on the free to air frequency.(KTV IntelSat 20, frequency 12.722, position 68.5, symbol rate 26.657) In 2010, he shocked Chitungwiza residents when he started interdenominational services at the Aquatic Complex where thousands of people flocked.

“We were all shocked because at his age, he would attract more than 5 000 people,” said one worshipper.

“He would perform astounding miracles and I was personally shocked with what he did at his age,” narrated the worshipper.

He then moved to Cape Town where he also grabbed headlines for his ability to tell a stranger’s identity number. He then earned the nickname ‘ID Prophet’ and when he returned to Zimbabwe in 2012, he continued with same miracles and started Kingdom Embassy.

He opened a branch along Samora Machel Avenue where he held lunchtime services that were always filled to capacity. Since then, the church has generated a large following.

Kingdom Embassy spokesperson Pastor Israel Matthews refused to comment on Prophet Passion’s private life.

“I will not speak about the prophet’s private life, but what I can tell you is that the man of God is anointed and he was also groomed by other great men of God in the country who I will not mention by name,” said Pastor Israel.

But what boggles the mind is how has he acquired so much wealth at such a tender age.

“Prophet Passion is an entrepreneur with interests in different sectors, so age is nothing but just a number especially if you believe in God,” said Pastor Israel.

He is married to Prophetess Yasmin and the couple is blessed with a son.

Whether the miracles are stage managed or not, Kingdom Embassy has attracted large numbers like magnet and all the worshippers echoed that Prophet Passion Java is ‘God Sent’.