I am referring to Ndaba Nhuku’s article, “Kenneth Hagin’s advice to Emmanuel Makandiwa’s followers.”

Nhuku was, of course, absolutely correct in his first article with his sentiments regarding the worship of man; any man!

In Art Katz’s book, The Holocaust: Where was God? he says the following, “The nub or centre of all evil is the elevation of man.”

Mankind’s penchant for the worship of man is indeed evil in God’s eyes.

Man becomes a false idol and worship, which belongs to God alone, is misdirected and horribly used.

God abhors the worship and lifting up of any man be it a political leader, a church leader, a pop star, an actor, a sports star or any other.

The whole message of the Cross is that self should die so that Christ may live.

As a largely confessing Christian nation, we should know that.

We Zimbabweans do indeed have a penchant for adulating and lifting up man.

I urge every church leader and everyone who calls themselves by Christ’s name to repent of that.

We are most certainly able to love, respect and support leaders in various positions and enjoy the God given talents and abilities of singers and sports stars and the like but worship and adulation are a no no!

With all due respect the likes of Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and the Makandiwas and Angels of Zimbabwe are not our saviours and are like each one of us, mere men.

“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

Almighty God in Christ Jesus would have every man and woman in Zimbabwe today, irrespective of the position you hold, know that no man is indispensable. Only God is.

As a nation, we need to repent of our adulation of men and women as saviours of our country and repent of putting men of the cloth on a pedestal and blindly following their every word.

When Zimbabwe begins to look to God Himself for our redemption and cry out for the gift of repentance to come to this nation and desist from trusting in man things will begin to change.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in God and cursed is the man who trusts in man.”

And leaders should look to God. He does not dwell only in Nigeria.

A prophet will be tested by what he prophesies coming to be and God’s standard is to be correct 100 percent and 100 percent of the time. Otherwise it is better we shut our mouths.

I, too, am very saddened by the vitriol and hate and spite that I see and read spewed from every blog and news article and elsewhere. What has happened to us?

We have become a nation driven by revenge, spite and malice. There is envy and strife between churches, between political parties, between races and between tribes.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves before God. And yet we want His blessings for our nation? We ought to be even more ashamed for this.

The Word of God clearly tells us that if we do not love each other we have no part in Him.

How do we go to church each Sunday and carry on the way we do?

We have become a nation of hypocrites from the top down.

We claim to be a Christian nation and yet our actions, all too often, hail from the pit of hell.

I make no apology for writing this as I include myself in this.

Every political, church leader and leader of any other sector needs to examine him/herself and ask what part in the terrible destruction of our beautiful nation have they played.

Ask God to show you as He sees you and not as fickle man would see you or as blind self sees self and this flows on to each and every Zimbabwean.

May God have mercy on us, A Weeping Hannah.