There are several diseases that medical science has classified as beyond cure.

These include HIV and cancer as well as chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Many people afflicted by these ailments, having lost hope in medical science, have turned to God. Although the issue of faith healing has courted a lot of controversy since time immemorial, with sceptics questioning its validity, there are people whose life stories read like fairy tales.

Among these are those who had been given up and left awaiting death to knock on their door.

Some found respite after encountering men of God who walk in the spiritual giftings of healings and miracles and use various medium such as anointing water or oil. Testimonies at some prayer meetings recently revealed unbelievable incidents of healing.

One particular all–night prayer meeting organised by the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministry, where hundreds and hundreds of people attended, was one example where people discovered new-found health after prayers. A 25–year–old woman testified that she had been healed of breast cancer which had spread in both her breasts after administering anointing oil which she was given about two weeks ago.

“Both breasts were lumpy, and the left one had a big hole that was going deep into the chest.

After using the oil, the lumps started disappearing. I dropped the oil into the deep sore and I am now healed completely,” said the young woman amid cheers from the crowds.

The doctors had given up on her and said there was nothing they could do about her condition. Subsequent medical examinations confirmed the healing. A church member, identified as Patricia, said when this young woman came less than a month ago, she exuded a pungent odour that attracted flies.

“It was such a terrible stench and sight, but here she is healed by the power of anointing oil,” said Patricia.

Another woman also testified that both her husband and she had been bed-wetting for over 15 years.

“I administered this anointing oil around my genitals and the bed-wetting stopped immediately that night. When my husband returned from a trip to South Africa, he also said the bed-wetting had stopped.

“This is such a relief for both of us because we had stopped sleeping at funerals or visiting relatives for fear of wetting their bedding,” said the woman.

The founder of the church, Prophet Walter Magaya, is barely 30 years old. He was a member of the Catholic charismatic group called Blood of the Lamb Christian Community (BLCC) for many years in Chitungwiza, but later branched out to start this ministry about two years ago.

“I had just finished school and started a company trading in information technology when I realised in 2010 that I had to drop everything and go into fulltime ministry.

“I have travelled around Africa preaching and praying and even came face to face with TB Joshua of Emmanuel Television who told me that I had a lot of work to do in Zimbabwe. That was on April 14. When I returned, over 120 people were waiting for me and 90 manifested all sorts of demons.

“The numbers continue to swell at each and every prayer meeting that I now conduct,” Magaya said.

Magaya says many people are afflicted with demonic spirits that have hindered their progress.

At one of his sessions, known as the Voice-Anointing Session, where he commands the stomach to throw up any evil stuff that was ingested, a woman vomited a raw chicken leg.

Another vomited two chunks of livers; and another person 23 grains of maize seed, a button, and two razor blades. Last year in November, a woman delivered a foetus–like substance measuring 23cm long with no labour pains. All these incidents are captured live on camera.

“Recently a woman discharged black and red pieces of cloth tied with human hair and an old Zimbabwe 10 cent coin. We have witnessed disabled people walking straight up without crutches, and conditions like HIV, Aids and TB disappear,” Magaya said.

“I always advise the sick to bring their medical records before deliverance and go back to the doctor and get retested.”

One woman threw up a huge chunk of steak which was described by a medical practitioner present this could only have been ingested after being chewed.

But there it was staring at the video camera for all to see on the screens that were dotted around the grounds. As the name PHD says, Magaya is a vibrant preacher of the Word called into the ministry of prophecy, healing and deliverance.

In a related story, Chiredzi–based John Chibwe, founder of It Is Well Ministry, recently told his Mt Pleasant church he was neither a pastor nor a prophet and neither was he part of Prophet TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) as some people had insinuated.

“I am just a vessel that God is using to deliver Zimbabweans. Please tell every Zimbabwean that this is not TB Joshua’s ministry. Yes, I need to respect the office of that prophet. I am not a wise man from Scoan. What I am doing here is as instructed to me by God.

“Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual. I trust the word of God. When you fight the gift, you are also fighting the giver of that gift. I don’t care what people say about me. I urge you not to follow titles, but the fruits of the works,” Chibwe said.

Chibwe prescribes anointing water and testimonies from followers are also just out of this world.

TB Joshua, owner of Emmanuel Television, is a world-renowned Nigerian prophet who commands millions of viewership around the world.

Thousands of Zimbabweans have visited Scoan for healing from all sorts of afflictions.