recently reported on the controversy stirred by a young Prophet Passion. Trying to understand better the situation with prophets, we talked to Prophet Bothwell Phiri of River of Life. “Biblically, prophets never were better than others but simply fulfilled their mandate according to how GOD ordained them. Reading peoples IDs was never a part of the gospel. It is advertising oneself by merchandising the gift for self-promotion” said Prophet Bothwell.

While Owen Jonifani of Vine Trans-denominational Ministries had this to say, “Prophet Passion is presumptuous like Elijah. Elijah had the mentality that he was the only prophet who had not bowed down to Baal but God told him that there were other hundreds of prophets from God who did not bow down to Baal.” And he continued, “A fish thinks that the whole world is covered with water because it stays in water so are the prophets who, like Passion,  have not seen others out there.”

Mlinde of Praise and Corship Centre (Edumisweni) said, “Christians should be careful about these prophets who go out publishing themselves because the devil can also raise pillow prophets, why should one brag about the gift of God?”

Minister Trust of Harvest House International said “there is nothing special about telling other people’s ID numbers and why should one say he is the only one? There are other people who can tell you your ID like Emmanuel Makandiwa. I concentrate on issues that affect people in life not ID numbers and the gift of good is for the edification of the Church, nothing more.”