They say when you pray you should be yourself and God will surely bless you (Jude  21 –speaking in tongues is energizing of the spirit).

One is determined to do a prayer that can bring miracles but the question is: is there really a way one should pray for God to answer you? If we continue in ‘The Prayer’ we prosper and there will be extraordinary things. In the university or college of God no matter how intelligent you are, you don’t skip classes, so is it about the church doctrine or it is about you and the almighty?

The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe’s youth Gweru Senga branch is in a hotpot of argument with one of the elders who over sees the youth of Senga. It is now almost two weeks and the debate meeting is still progressing concerning the church doctrine of prayer, which is there must be no mass prayer and the doctrine advocates one person to lead in prayer.

This discussion came up after the youth indulged in mass prayer during their youth week. During the meeting with the elders, the youth argued that a prayer should be a way you should express yourself to God — therefore one should be free to express oneself in whichever way one feels comfortable. It does not matter how loud you go, what matters is the prayer. This has now grown into a conflict because the overriding argument of following the doctrine is not in favour of the youth. If you have the ability to cry or shout it means your God is on his way. Your shouting will bring down the walls of Jericho and also intimidate your enemies (the devil).

Still the question stands: is there really a way that one should or must prayer?