A Christian is a foreigner in this world. We are from another Kingdom. But people might ask: so where are we from?

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth, that is the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of this world (Genesis 1 vs. 1).

There is no other Kingdom than these two, so if we are not of this world then automatically we should be of the Kingdom of Heaven, that is God’s Kingdom.

There are many scriptures which prove our identity as the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

2 Corinthians 5 vs 20: You cannot be an ambassador in your native land, but in a foreign land. If we are ambassadors here on earth, then we belong somewhere else besides this earth.
John 15 vs 19: Jesus was telling his disciples that they are not of this world.

If they were not of this world where did they belong? They belonged to the kingdom of Heaven.

Colossians 1 vs 13: We thank God for delivering us from the kingdom of darkness and translating us to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Here we are representatives of the kingdom of Heaven, representing Jesus Christ.

A Christian cannot run away from the point that we do not belong here. We are here not for a visit but for a mission.

You are Christ’s ambassadors, you are not sent to sit and relax, but to undertake a certain task on behalf of Jesus Christ.

What is an Ambassador?

We cannot go anywhere with this issue if we do not understand what the term “ambassador “really means.

An ambassador is an official envoy, especially, a high-ranked diplomat who represents a state (country) or an international organisation as a resident representative.

The ambassador is nominated by the home country. Upon presentation of credentials, the ambassador can start preforming his ambassadorial role. This would not be a part-time job as many would think, but it is a full-time job that needs most of your attention. Your native nation would have trusted you with such a responsibility.

An ambassador does not work for his personal gain, but for the gain of his native country. 

An ambassador does not spend most of his time worrying about what to drink, eat, wear and drive. This is the responsibility of his home country. Usually a country provides almost everything needed by their ambassador.

An ambassador takes any opportunity to exhibit the benefits of his country and would provide more information about his country.

An ambassador will represent his country’s culture and beliefs not his personal values.

A Zimbabwean ambassador to America cannot become homosexual because he lives in America. He would live a Zimbabwean life in America. He will not change.

These are just some but a few details about an ambassador, I hope this has helped you to understand this topic better.

Characteristics of a good ambassador

The following are some of the characteristics to be found in a good Christ’s ambassador. I might not state them all, but these are some of the most important ones.

This ambassadorial role is your calling; we are called to be ambassadors for Christ. (2 Corinthians 5 vs.20)

1. Loving (1 Corinthians 16 vs 13-14). A good ambassador for Christ is one who conducts all his things with love. Love should lead in everything that he does. With love you can easily convince the world about the kingdom of Heaven.

2. Ready and able to give good reasons about his faith (1 Peter 3 vs 15). An ambassador should be well equipped with the information (i.e. the word) pertaining the kingdom of Heaven.

He should be able to defend the values and beliefs of the kingdom of Heaven. Good defence usually helps Christ’s ambassadors to attain some of their goals.

3. Gentle and respectable (1 Peter 3 vs 15 and 2 Timothy 2 vs 24). An ambassador should be somebody who is presentable and acceptable. A good ambassador is one who is able to teach his doctrine in a gentle way with patience and meekness (i.e not showing any sign of protest or argument).

4. Gracious with speech (Colossians 4 vs 5-6). A good ambassador of Christ should be able to respond in the most appropriate way (good registers). He should be able to tackle every case with wisdom. Ambassadors can attain some of their goals by being polite.

5. Patience (2 Timothy 2 vs 24-26 and James 1 vs 4). A good ambassador should be patient at all times. Dear ambassador, patience pays, it makes your job easy. A good ambassador should let patience be part of his daily life. Patience is a necessity.

In addition to the above, as outlined before, a good ambassador should utilise any opportunity to represent his country. You should use any opportunity to exhibit the kingdom of God, by preaching the gospel.

Benefits of Christ’s ambassadors

As outlined before, a Zimbabwean ambassador to America will always remain Zimbabwean. 
Therefore a Zimbabwean ambassador will continue to live a Zimbabwean lifestyle in America. This is the same with Christ’s ambassadors. They will live a heavenly life here on earth, a supernatural life here on the natural.

Living your supernatural life here on the natural is brought by this ambassadorial role. 

These are some of the benefits of a good Christ’s ambassador here on earth.


In heaven there are no diseases, so a Christ ambassador is not allowed to be affected by these diseases. It is his right to good health, hence a violation of this right can result in serious punishment from the heavenly throne.


In heaven there is no poverty, so a Christ’s ambassador is not allowed to be poor. In our kingdom there is prosperity. It is our right to be prosperous; hence the violation of this right can result in serious punishment from the heavenly throne.


In heaven every citizen is free and safe, so safety is a crucial right of a Christ’s ambassador. Violating the safety right would provoke very strong revenge from the heavenly kingdom. Because of this you are entitled to maximum protection. Insulting you would be the greatest mistake that one can make because he would have challenged the powers of heaven.


An ambassador does not provide for himself, so there is no need to worry about tomorrow. The kingdom of heaven would be on duty to provide for its ambassador, i.e. you.

The benefits outlined are just some but a few that a good Christ ambassador has. The total benefits are uncountable. They would need a benefit counting-machine if to be counted.

Disadvantages of being the devil’s agent 

In Satan’s kingdom there is poverty, tormenting, hatred, insecurity, diseases, anger, death, accidents and lack of wisdom. If you are the devil’s agent he will do anything for these to manifest in you, you will be a representation of the devil’s above values.

Choose this Christ ambassador’s role

Now I have equipped you with the necessary information about being an ambassador for Christ, you have seen the characteristics and merits of being one.

I encourage you to apply quickly for this post. To qualify the requirement would be for you to be born-again. You need to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and personal saviour.

We can all be ambassadors because Apostle Paul said we are Christ’s ambassadors, not “I am a Christ ambassador”, so “we” reflects that there are many of us (2 Corinthians 5 vs 20).