Worship music is a type of gospel music that brings together elements of worship, devotion and prayer but through it, people experience different feelings such as bitterness, sadness, despair, remorse, shame or guilt as they grieve over sin. Consequently, people realise their need for God’s grace and forgiveness.


Unlike praise music which is mainly celebratory in nature, worship music brings together aspects of prayer and devotion through music. What makes this type of music ideal for the general believer is that it reminds one to be vigilant in prayer and study in the struggle against sin.


In Zimbabwe, several gospel groups have well understood the purpose and impact of worship music on believers’ spiritual lives. To this end, many have included several worship songs on their albums, some of which are played regularly on local radio stations.

Of interest, however, is one up-coming but promising musical outfit, Worship Addicts whose devotional series albums are entirely dedicated to worship. Even as shown from their name, this group is more focused on worship music. Themes from their current four devotional albums gravitate on issues around worship and devotion.

Those who follow gospel music will remember songs from this group such as “Agere Pachigaro”, “Mwari Inzwai”, “Prayer for Zimbabwe”, “Song from Hell” and “I Believe in Miracles” which have a deep worship flavour.

Most of these songs have already created a lasting impression among Christians in their various churches where they are sung during worship services. This is because the songs have a captivating beat and tempo but added to this is the fact that their messages generally urge for steadfastness in prayer against wiles of the devil.

Some have a motivating touch, for example songs like “I Believe in Miracles”, “Healing Song”, “Kune Zita” and “My Heart Longs”. These and many others have already demonstrated the power of worship music due to their ability to touch hearts and instil a culture of worship among Christians.

Since their formation in 2011, the group has shown dedication to worship music through sharing generously their music in different platforms. According to the group’s manager Mr Talent Mbedzi, Worship Addicts has performed in churches and various concerts in Harare and Bulawayo.

So far they have shared the stage with a number of renowned gospel musicians such as Charles Charamba, Mechanic Manyeruke, Sabastian Magacha, Dudu Manhenga, Mathias Mhere and South African based Pastor Solly Mahlangu among others.

To date they have released four devotional albums namely “Devotional Volume 1” up to “Devotional Volume 4”, and two other praise albums, with all songs written by the group’s leader Takesure Zamar Ncube.

Speaking in an interview Mr Mbedzi said their devotional albums aimed to bring believers into more fellowship with God.

“Our devotional series is a series of continuing albums that brings out a believer’s desire to fellowship with God. So it’s a communion, fellowship and one-to-one relationship experience, all of which expressed through music.

“We want believers to freely express themselves in music, but also in prayer. Hence our music is partly prayer and partly music, the overall goal being to strengthen the believer’s devotional life” said Talent.

He added that his group was driven by the goal to restore and build gospel worship rather than gospel entertainment which he said had now gained ground on the market.

He said worship music was a vehicle through which churches were established and that Christians derived motivation and spiritual upliftment from this type of music.

“Most of our songs are sung in churches. We do not stop churches from singing our songs in their worship services because our overall goal is to encourage a culture of devotion and prayer.

“We write songs, we record them and we release them. After all that we give churches to sing them in their services” said Talent.
He added that their music inspired many and that those who followed their music have in several occasions testified that they had been blessed by their music.

“The feedback we receive from our fans inspires us to continue with our music. The knowledge we have that our worship songs ministers to people across generations authenticates our music,” said Talent.

In the end of it all, worship music plays an important role in the church today, and it is through such music from groups such as Worship Addicts that Christians can be more sensitive to their spiritual needs.

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