While for the majority of churches baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime event, that is not the case with the Holy Apostolic Church of Zion.

MaNcube of Pumula South in Bulawayo, who attends the Old Magwegwe parish, said that at the beginning of every year church members who feel they have “heavy sins” get rid of them through baptism notwithstanding they would have been previously baptized.

She said every Sunday newcomers are presented with an opportunity to commit their lives to God after which they are baptized and become full members. 

Apart from the Old Magwegwe branch, where the membership is above 50, Holy Apostolic Church of Zion headed by Pastor Ngwenya has branches at Woodlands also in Bulawayo, Umguza on the outskirts of the city and another one in Mangwe district.

The overseer of the church makes his home in Embakwe down in Mangwe.

Members of this Zionist church meet every Sunday for church service 11am and 4pm. On Thursdays women congregate for their special teaching where they are taught how to look after their homes.

As for the church uniform, members of this indigenous church put on white gowns with blue collars.

MaNcube said her church looks after its poor saying there were a number of members who received Christmas presents from the church in the form of money and groceries.

She said her fellow church members, regardless of marital status, are encouraged to refrain from sexual intercourse every Saturday so that they go and appear before the Almighty “clean.” Zion Christian Church members are also advised to do the same.