Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe Women’s Conference,  with free evening sessions open to men

Theme: For Such A Time As This

Date: February 1-2

Time: 9 am-8:30 pm

Venue: Rainbow Towers (HICC), Harare

Registration Fee is USD 2

Speakers: Pastor Maureen B. Shana, Dr Eunor Guti, Apostle M. Gurupira, Pastor Petunia Chiriseri, Dr Cathy Chidoori, Pastor P. Maphiwa, Apostle Nyathi, Pastor C. Bismark

Contact: Polite Matibiri Cell: +263 772 213 198 Email:[email protected]
Clara Chiseko Cell: +236 772 340 578 Email: [email protected]
+263 774 136 567 Email:[email protected]