Zim Shutdown Wednesday and Thursday

“…Because of government’s failure to respond to our issues as Zimbabweans on what we are asking for on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th we are shutting Zimbabwe down again,” Mawarire declared.

The pastor added: “Commuter omnibuses on Wednesday and Thursday don’t move about, businesses close, schools we urge you to close. Families stay indoors.”

Mawarire urged Zimbabweans to shun violence and demonstrate peacefully in their homes.

“Just close everywhere, remember no violence, don’t destroy each other’s properties just stay at home. Remember pray for Zimbabwe. Hear me, if you and me don’t stand nothing will change. They must listen to us. Let us make history and make this government change,” Mawarire appealed to Zimbabweans.

Mawarire has declared to continue using non­violent resistance until the government fires corrupt cabinet ministers, pays state workers’ salaries on time, puts an end to police roadblocks and brutality.