The Innovators is a Zimbabwean gospel group of vocalists who may not be well known in Zimbabwe, but they certainly seem to be making a name for themselves in the USA. Throughout 2011, the group performed across the States with shows in Dallas, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Orlando, Richardson and San Antonio. The group can be caught at the following venues across the United States over the next few months:

Date                                Place                                                                                            Time 


Feb 5                           Performance (Lovers Lane UMC, Dallas)                           10.50am

Mar 4                          Performance (Lovers Lane UMC, Dallas)                           10.50am

Apr 1                           Performance (Lovers Lane UMC, Dallas)                          10.50am

Apr 24                        Performance (Ausbury seminary, Orlando)                      11am

Apr 24- May 4        Performance at the 2012                                                Morning & Noon

                                        UMC General Conference   Tampa, Florida

 Apr 26                       Performance (Ausbury seminary, Orlando)                      11am