A Harare-based Christian organisation has launched a movement seeking to encourage the Christian community to change its behaviour so that they uphold true religious values.

The Christian Change of Hearts Movement mushroomed after some critics doubted the authenticity of a survey that had reported that 80% of Zimbabweans are Christians. Critics say that, if Zimbabwe is dominated by Christians, the country would not have so much conflict, violence, military involvement in politics, and political disharmony among other things.

However, the movement insists that the Southern African country is Christian dominated but there is need for people to change their hearts.

They are distributing a two-page document (CHRISTIAN CHANGE OF HEART MOVEMENT, NOV. 2012) with the encouragement that “Each one of us, as individuals, needs to examine our own conscience, motives and mindset, and try to correct those weaknesses or wrongs in our attitude and behaviour.”