I write to express concern on the issue of religious denominations in residential areas who have no respect of the residents in the particular area they have built churches.

If a church has a public address system it should adjust its volume so that only the congregants can hear, not to force all people in that neighbourhood to listen to them.

They should know that there is freedom of choice, not to force their way into people’s homes.

On many occasions I have approached an Apostolic church in Msasa Park to lower their volume, but to no avail. They can choose to have choir practice all afternoon on Saturdays, mid week services and youngsters come in at any hour to play the drums, making unbearable noise.

Imagine we have children studying, elderly people, sick people and even just longing for a quiet time, but they don’t care. You cannot even listen to your radio let alone television.

I think there should be a law in place to protect us from such pastors/churches, who are not neighbourly.

We are fed up.