reprinted with additions from The Zimbabwean

Last month, St. Peters Church in Zion of Zimbabwe released their first 12-track album entitled Hamba nathi nkosi under the leadership of Bishop KC Moyo.

Bishop Moyo’s gospel group is known as Abalandeli beBhomba and their album is already enjoying airplay in South Africa. “We are doing this for our communities and we would appreciate if they took the time to listen to what we released for them. Our songs mainly target social issues and challenge everyone to repent and live a religious life as the world is about to end. With this music we are convinced we will definitely bring together scattered Zimbabweans as unity is the only key to a successful society,” said Moyo.

Other songs on the album include “Sukumani Bandla”, “Amanzi Ngawenu”, “Simon”, “Eli Hossana”, “Shwele Baba”, “Banobudziwa”, “uJohanne”, “Mangisondele”, “Hamba Nathi Nkosi”, “iNdodana”, “Amen Jesu” and “Noma Ungakhuluma.”

Established in February 2009, the church has 52 branches across Zimbabwe and growing.