I wish to continue my contribution on national topical issues as a citizen belonging to a Traditional African religion and share with fellow interested citizens how every inch of these national developments also affects the church and vice versa (i.e. how the church affects the national happenings).

It is increasingly becoming very difficult to ignore the social and political goings on in Zimbabwe if one is a serious minded citizen with his country’s destiny at heart. It is increasingly becoming tempting to get involved at every turn of things since the wide discussions on our national issues are becoming sensitive and very precarious and one can ignore at their own risk.

The Jowani Masowe WeChishanu church (JMC) is generally a silent and timid looking setup always relegating itself to the dirty woodlands of every settlement arrangement. You hardly hear a JMC member raising a voice in many circumstances where the church gets careless battering from the generally unsympathetic media brothers and sisters. We in Jowani Masowe were taught and trained humility and submission to an extra extent which many times costs us socially and morally and where many times many take us for granted and for a ride. We read, hear and grieve and / or smile but more usual than not we sorb, absorb and keep quite. This is and was the nature of Jowani and that we have inherited with all the courage and utmost humility possible as taught us by our Leader, baba Jowani.

However, I will once again pass a rare comment as a Jowani Masowe church member and identifying myself not as me but as a Mupositori wekwaJowani who is silently watching but being affected by the present.

The issues I will touch on are issues in our Draft Constitution; The few below are my comments, as a member of the JMC .

Homosexuality With all great respects to the people of Zimbabwe and their leadership for a document that finally disowns homosexuality, it would never have gone well if that piece of curse found its way into a draft law for our Holy nation, Zimbabwe. I would like to give all thanks to the tirelessness of the COPAC people, the main parties leadership and the Great people of Zimbabwe for a job well done in shunning this unholiness and blemishing item called homosexuality.

Zimbabwe is the Love of God and Zimbabwe is a sacred and chosen land which does not deserve any such a curse.

The Land Question The land issue has been topical for many years and many of us have suffered because of it. This has not spared us and the church although many people many times have chosen to report us as a colluding beneficiary of the Land grab rot.

The truth is that we of JMC have always known that Zimbabweans would at one point be allocated land. The prophecies to be precise were told us way back in the late ‘70s by various spiritual people in our fraternity. It is still disputable even among ourselves especially among some of the many new recruits to our church and the few self glorifying ‘church leaders/ prophets’ who recently joined our dispensation and the very few greedy and religiously careless, but has always remain very true that every one of our membership was advised to stay put in our rural areas and never to participate in the land ‘grabs’.

However, the religious position is that the Zimbabwean land belongs to Zimbabwean people. The Zimbabwean land is for Zimbabweans. I know many of you learned and clever modern minded people will twist and rough it off but your definition of Zimbabwean is different from ours. Baba Jowani did not mince his words when he announced His mission. Baba Jowani said, ‘’ I have come for the Africans, and only the Africans.’’ On defining ‘’the Africans’’ baba Jowani said ‘’vanhu vatema Vebvudzi pfupi’’.

So, when we define Zimbabweans in our religion we lag behind a bit in modernisation and we do not include anyone other than ‘veBvudzi pfupi’. So according to our understanding from a Church perspective, Land, our farms and their rivers forests and hills and mountains and snakes, and crocodiles and hyenas etc belong in total to the Zimbabwean as defined by our Church founder, baba Jowani. 

The Mines and Companies We of the JMC were the first people to know that the mines would at some point be taken over by the Government and be given back to the Zimbabweans. This was also told us in the later part of the ‘70s just before end of the War of liberation. This among many other prophecies on what is happening today was also described in very clear terms that only that would mean a complete liberation of our land. But once again no one of our membership was ever allowed to take an ounce from any such grabs. We are not a greedy crop, we are not thirsting over things of this world for ours is the Kingdom of Heaven!

The mines, Companies and our land very seriously and specifically define our winning the liberation struggle. That specifically defines the total benefit of why the thousands and thousands of our innocent daughters, sons, infants, the pregnant and disabled were killed and shed their innocent blood in the outstretching bushes of our land and the land beyond our boarders. 

Prominence of the liberation struggle in the Zimbabwean Constitution The liberation struggle was fought by everyone of us the Zimbabweans against non-Zimbabweans. We won the war and negotiated some parts but still we managed a Black Majority rule. We are very proud of that.
We of JMC acknowledge and celebrate that the Zimbabwean liberation struggle was started, blessed by and encouraged by baba Jowani. Way around 1933/4back at Marondera magistrate court whilst being ridiculed tortured and punished by non-Zimbabwean white settlers baba Jowani told the full court that ‘’vakomana nevasikana vachapinda musango. Ndaona vadzoka vabata pfuti dzinobvira moto ndakaona vakurwisa iwe kesari (the whiteman). Handina kuona wamira. Ndaona wakurirwa wabviswa pachigaro. Hauitonge nyika ino ndeye vanhu vatema! Ichatongwa nemunhu mutema vana ava vagozvitonga’’ The prophecy about our war, the liberation struggle. Many vapositori joined the war and many of them also perished in that war but others also came back and among them very humble village men and women still with us today. It was inspired by Jowani, To us in JMC , it was our war because ‘yakatangwa naBaba Jowani’’

The courageous infants, blind, deaf, old and pregnant innocent women and men, boys and girls who fought that war and the many also who died in that war at Chimoio, Nhadzonia, Tembwe and the thickets and wide plains of our land and the lands beyond, to them we owe great Respects and unending and unreserved loyal Gratitude for ever! Our war was our religious war. Our war was our sacred war. Our war was baba Jowani’s war to end the then draconian, segregationist, racist, cruel, enslaving, savage and murderous regime. We will ever remember and celebrate both the living and fallen Heroes of our liberation struggle. We will always talk about the War of Liberation and the courageous Zimbabweans who fought against the coward racist regime of the non-Zimbabwean whiteman of that time. We will for ever celebrate and pray for the Peace and Rest to be afforded or awarded to the spirits of the dead who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe. We will not forget that war and it must be hailed and come out very prominent in our National Document and feature in all like discussions about our national Sovereignty. We may never stand by and watch if some people chose to sweep it under the carpet and persuade our generations to forget the blood that drenched the lands, drains, gullies, rivers, valleys hills mountains and paths of our long walk to freedom. We will deny any monopoly over our war’s hegemony. It was a people’s war and to us it was a spiritual war inspired by our Spiritual Leaders.

We choose to come out and see to it that the blood of the Zimbabwe people was resurrected and celebrated in a way befitting of the courage and sacrifice of the war. Therefore on the issue of the Zimbabwean Liberation struggle, we in JMC are spiritually at the fore front supported by the revolutionary cadres in the rank and file of the revolutionary minded people and the generality of the long suffering enduring masses of the Zimbabwean populace. We salute COPAC and we salute the GNU Principals for seeing reason and affording the aforementioned its rightful position in our Draft Constitution.

The Future and our Space in the politics of our land Zimbabwe is in the hands of God. The future is in the hands of God. No country more than Zimbabwe has ever been dictated on by God on all its happenings. So far so good with regards the championing of the law of our land despite the few tricky issues as discussed above. We are equally traditional and conservative on the rulership of our land. Our God is a Dictatorial God and he wants authority. We would choose peace ahead of chaos and violence and love ahead of hate . In our beautiful Zimbabwe, we are full aware that the God provided will see the road to rulership. Them will enjoy the rulership as bestowed on them but them also we implore to be God fearing and rule according to the dictates of the Laws of our God. Behold the time is near and God is very soon claiming back His position and is coming to enjoy His more equal space, his Higher space in the land of Zimbabwe.

Whilst we remain apolitical as a church, our individual members can go and exercise the rights to vote for whatever they like and the church has no direct influence on that. Our members will desist from all forms of civil disobedience. We publicly denounce any of our JMC members who will take part in civil disobedience, violence and any forms of civil unrest. Them we disown as malcontents who are in our church to destroy its good name and hide behind the white cloth for diabolic selfish motives. That is not like us. We remain silent but watching. We remain humble but knowing. We remain subordinate by choice. For we are a God serving people and do not pay much attention to the earthly, but to Caesar we will give what is Caesar’s. We are for ever waiting for The Second Coming and for that we are longsuffering.

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