Discernment is a requirement and a responsibility for every Christian because failure to distinguish between truth and error leaves us subject to all manner of false teaching. False teaching then leads to an unbiblical mind-set, which results in unfruitful and disobedient living. “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).

Unfortunately, discernment is an area where most of us Christians slip up. We tend to exhibit little ability to measure the things we are taught against the infallible standard of God’s Word, and we unwittingly engage in all kinds of unbiblical decision-making and behaviour.

In short, we are not armed to take a decidedly biblical stand against the onslaught of unbiblical thinking and attitudes that face us throughout our day. (1Thessalonians 5:21-22) teaches us to “… examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil,” but what do we do, we all say ‘Leave the man of God alone’ or ‘touch not the anointed one’ when the prophets go unbiblical.

Are we there to just take it all in? “To be tossed here and there by waves, and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; “(Ephesians 4:14). I seriously doubt that.

We are to question the origin and the authenticity of a Prophets’ message without fear of reprisal from him. There is no prophet of God who kills anyone because he doubts him. Jesus silenced the Pharisees with parables, not with death threats until they were afraid to ask Him anymore questions!

And that is the true God I know, obey and worship. Prophets must only worry about their own sins, but pray that God forgive the world for lacking knowledge.

The study of theology gets us to know God in order that we may glorify Him through our love and obedience.

The world is a wicked place, and life in it is disappointing and unpleasant. Rejecting theology dooms us to a life with no sense of direction meaning that, without theology, we waste our lives and lose our souls.

I was surprised when Prophet Makandiwa disclosed that he had moved away from the theological system in order to follow what God reveals and instructs him to do revealing that some of the things he pulls off are questionable especially to theologians.

Of course the things he says are questionable to theologians especially equipped with the definition of Theology —the intense, personal study of God. How can somebody follow instructions from God in an ungodly way? It is like driving a car outside the car! Or like one playing the game of Soccer applying Rugby rules. It does not work. You get put on the bench otherwise your team suffers.

And if you insist on continuing, then a new ball game would be invented but not for playing on the day. It will be a game for some other time, some other pitch and some other crowd. In reality you will be a terrible Soccer player.

Jesus came with more of the old, with more depth and clarity. He did not come with different. Seriously, does God need a gold Swatch, Rolex or a Quartz to save the world? Seriously, God, the Almighty, has to wait for some invention to take place in order for Him to prophesise the world? Come on, let’s be objective here. Let’s be discerning, let’s be attentive, let’s be aware. Let us not be taken for a ride.

If I got my assumptions right, Makandiwa is actually saying he has no use of the Bible anymore since he has established a more ‘live and direct’ connection with God, who has begun telling him stuff unwritten.

It is obvious the guy is trying to hide the clear fact that he is not a prophet of God. He has been exposed and now he has nowhere to run but try to coat his devious ways Holy. God does not run out of ideas. Makandiwa has. God does not get outdone by a mere human.

A lot of comments from my brothers and sisters out there have left Makandiwa a fake and exposed. God is Almighty and His messengers preach the prosperity of the soul.  Makandiwa preaches the prosperity of the flesh. A thing n’angas can also do.

“One of the days I attended a church service and no message was given to me that I had to send someone back home to collect my gold watch.” He said it, not me. He had to send someone home to collect the Mporofita he had left there.  I do not recall any biblical prophet needing anything material to prophesise. If I am mistaken I will be glad to be corrected since the Bible is huge and I am just human. Who knows, I could have missed it.

Makandiwa claims that whenever he puts on his gold watch, messages from God just flow like a river and he can see things easily. He also claims that God gave him the grace to research more about gold from the Bible scriptures and he believed to be scientific as well. How can an angel of an all knowing God come down on Earth to study the Bible?

True prophets do not need a Bible for they are the Bible! On the other hand, a preacher does. At best, Makandiwa is a preacher, with a lot of money and sometimes when one has easy money coming in, he feels like he has the Holy Spirit. I don’t blame him.

People who have been to a five star hotel can confess to that effect. A lot of people believe that to be rich is to be Holy, which is not true. It is the righteous that are Holy, not the rich.

By the way, gold is a precious metal and common sense will tell you that it is not used in every electrical gadget. Gold is used though, in electronic connectors and printed circuit boards but not for its ‘supernatural’ properties but because of a) Silver, the best electronic conductor is expensive and is easily corrosive and b) because copper, another good conductor also rusts, so gold is used as armour to get past the corrosion issues, simple, scientific and sensible.