The fanciful and suggestive naming of Christian churches in recent times with titles which do not recognize or at least draw from the founding principles of the early Christian church simply depicts a ploy to commercialize and exploit the Gospel for self-­gain and baiting the hook to suit the fish.

THE recent craze in the naming of Christian churches has brought with it names that are as ridiculous as they are revealing.

We continue to witness all manner of church names that, in essence, expose that religion has fallen prey to people with ulterior motives.

Again, it should be noted as stated before that the thrust of this column is on exposing fundamental and popular error in religion.

It is a call based on I John 4:1 which essentially underlines the need to “test every spirit to see whether it’s from God” because, as the Bible rightly points out, “many false prophets have gone into the world”.

It’s a religious duty called upon believers which has absolutely little to do with personalities or denominations.

While at it, it must be emphasized that exposing deception is as important as evangelizing. Unless one knows the wrong path, they are unlikely to find the right path.

Uncovering error is essential, it is better that offence is caused than for truth to be denied.

The following is a list of some real church names that have been seen recent times: The Devil’s Hunter Ministries Mountain of Swallowing Problems Interdenominational Prayer Ministry Jesus Elections Ministries Problems Overcome and Deliverance Ministries Helicopter of Christ Ministry Success Gracious Ministries The Power Demonstration Church These are just a few of the many ludicrous titles that are palpably indicative of a profound deviation from the core principles of Christian worship.

It must not simply be a matter of throwing in Jesus Christ’s name as it should be about him in essence.

There is no denying that the name of a church is highly suggestive of its mission. There is no denying that the majority of churches sprouting today place emphasis on power demonstration, miracles, healing and financial success and these things by no means indicate godliness.

For the record, miracles were meant for unbelievers that they may believe. Several times, Jesus Christ rebuked multitudes that mobbed him for miracles.

He placed weight on believing without seeing, a point which he even made to doubting Thomas after the resurrection.

As for earthly riches highly emphasized by today’s supposed prophets, Jesus spoke ill of them advising people that, “How difficult it is for them that are rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

There is no man throughout all history who condemned these earthly vanities more than Jesus Christ. It is actually an anathema, an abomination for a man of mortal flesh to count himself as the founder of a Christian denomination.

There can be no originator of a Christian church other than Christ. The Christian movement has one founder, namely Jesus Christ. He is the essence of Christianity; everything depends and hinges on him. The current craze of X or Y church having been founded by Apostle X or prophet Y shows a fundamental error in religious thinking.

Jesus left plenty of disciples and not even once did we hear that Apostle Peter became leader of Prophetic Power Ministries.

All Christians moved in one accord and everything they did was based on the word as espoused by Jesus Christ.

There can be only one founder of the Christian faith. The church left by Jesus Christ went on to have millions of converts throughout the world.

Thousands converted to the faith, with Apostle Paul evangelizing in many places preaching the unchanging Jesus Christ. No name emerged in the early Christian groups except the name of Jesus Christ.

In fact, the name ‘Christians,’ deriving from Christ was first pronounced at Antioch. In comparison, what we have today are embarrassingly self-serving denominations bent on using the church as a hook to lure people to come through with tithes.

On the contrary, Jesus Christ never preached a feel good gospel. He never tried to lure people with enticing messages. In spirit, Christ, warned people, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”.

He had a cutting message premised on repentance and salvation, rubbishing everything to do with this earth.

It is actually reflective that today’s contemporary preacher places much weight on the very things Christ taught against: earthly riches, rush for signs and wonders and luring people to worship.

The church, or rather Christ, is not desperate as to use subterfuge methods to make people worship him as has been portrayed in church names today.

People should believe out of conviction. That we have people who go to church in pursuit of wealth and miracles best explains why rape, fraud and the embezzlement of funds have become associated with the church today.

The true church title acknowledges Jesus Christ. Its ethos and founding values are based on the Gospel of Christ. It’s not for the church to hoodwink or lure people to worship by beguiling names. Freely they will hear the message and freely they shall covert.