Sandra Ndebele performing (file picture of the Sunday Mail)

Some call her notorious. Some don’t mind her dance feats and fill up the venues like the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza where she shared the stage with Alick Macheso. In a recent interview with the Sunday Mail, Sandra Ndebele touched upon the topic of faith and mentioned several gospel projects in the pipeline.

“I go to church and I’m a Seventh Day Adventist,” she revealed to one of the nation’s largest newspapers.

“I am working on a new 10-track album titled No Matter. The album carries on it three gospel tracks. I have always included a gospel track on all my albums, by the way.” 

On the topic of recording a complete gospel album that she reportedly was going to do Sandra noted the following, “Delma Lupepe just gave me a quotation on the cost of recording a gospel album. After passing the quotation, he rushed and told the media that he had extended an offer for me to record a gospel album. Would you call a quotation an offer or it’s just normal business practice? We receive quotations from different business people on a daily basis and his was not any different.”

Delma Lupepe is one of Zimbabwe’s richest men. He left his football club AmaZulu, after football authorities insisted on his team playing on Saturdays, contrary to his religious beliefs – Lupepe is an Adventist like Sandra.

“My husband can choose his own church, but he cannot force me to go to his church. The deal is simple, we just go to different denominations then meet back home. I do not compromise for anyone. Also it should be noted that some people define my dance as raunchy, but, to be honest, I don’t know what is raunchy about the routines, dance is dance.” 

Sandra’s statements were not left without comments. One of the readers of the interview on commented, “You mentioned that you are a SDA church member. When was the last time you went to church? According to my full understanding of Adventism, your style of music and dance is not allowed. Adventists only believe in gospel music and they don’t believe in your music.”

And another critical comment added, “Too bad that Sandra tarnishes the image of the Seventh Day Adventists. I shudder to imagine fellow church members vachiona your near-nudity, so unChrist like. God forgive you.”